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In real life there are many different types of people, some of them are similarto one another, while others can be opposite/different, just like in the book To Kill a Mocking Bird, by Harper Lee. There are many people in the book, some people are contradictory to one another (character foils), while others resemble each other (character parallels) in both good and/or bad ways. Atticus Finch and Aunt Alexander is an example of a character foil in the book. Even though they are brother and sister and grew up together, they are two people with very different views. Atticus is more easy going when he raises up Jem and Scout, for example he lets his kids call him Atticus, and let’s Scout dress with the clothes that she feels comfortable in. While on the other hand Aunt Alexander is more strict, she cares a lot about family background and she wants Scout to act and dress more “lady like”.Atticus views that it is his duty to do his best in the Tom Robinson trial and feels noprejudice against Tom, because he is black. While Aunt Alexander doesn’t like Atticus taking the case because Tom is black, and wants Atticus to go and fire Calpurnia. Tom Robinson and Bob Ewell is another example of a character foil in the book

To Kill a Mocking Bird. Bob Ewell and Tom Robinson are two completely different people in the story. They both don’t have a lot of money, but Tom Robinson chooses to work hard for his money, while Bob Ewell lives off welfare and sqaunders all his money on booze and whiskey. Bob Ewell beats up on his daughter Mayella, while Tom tries to do all that he can in order to help her out. Tom says that he did not beat and rape Mayella, while Bob Ewell says that he did. Two characters that are similar to each other are Tom Robinson and Boo (Arthur)Radley. These two are similar in that there are false rumors going on about them. People accused Tom of beating and raping Mayella Ewell, and people talk about Boo, and say that he is a very violent person, when those things are both false. Another similarity between these two characters is that they are both really nice people. Tom helps out Mayella with her house work without wanting anything in return and Boo helps out Jem and Scout a lot,he even saves their lives once. As we can see, the book To Kill a Mocking Bird can and does represents real life similarities and differences between people. We can see these similarities and differences between people in many places, for example in our schools, homes and neighborhoods.

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