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Finally, the first day of decent weather after a long and rainy winter, had arrived. I?d been looking forward to this day ever since I had baught my mountain bike last December. This would be the first ride that I would be taking, and I was had been really looking forward to this day. As I grabed my helmet and water bottle and made my way to the garage, I began thinking about where I would venture on my first ride. As I wipped of the seat and handle bars, I began to think that this bike would not only be a great form of enjoyment, it could also serve the purpose of being my transportation too and from school. Not being in the financial position of owning a car, this bike was my only form of transportation. This thought made me realize that taking a bike to and from school, was not only economical but also benificial to the environment, since the growing population in the fraser valley was also causing an increase in air pollution. I firmly believed I had made a worthy investmest by the purchase of my bike. this was my first oppertunity to try out this awsome preasent.

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