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Big Kid

One of the most recent movies that i have seen is Big Daddy. When this movie came

out in theaters I knew that it was going to be a hit because the main character (Adam Sandler)

is a very funny person. This movie is about an immature man who likes an older woman and he

thinks that by adopting a little boy called Frankenstein the girl that he likedwould like him ven

more.During this movie the boy and his father have so much fun with each other they were just

getting along great.

I thought that this movie was very funny in alot of ways like they boy and his father

are like two kids that have the same interests. Through the movie there were lots of parts that

were funny like when there were roller bladers skating in the park the father threw a peice of

wood on the side walk so that the roller bladers would skate over the wood and fall then later

on in the movie the boy did the same thing and the father was very proud. The father also didn,t

like for the kid to get mad so he let the kid do what he wanted and where what he wanted to


This movie was not only very funny but in some parts of the movie it was very

touchy.One of the scenes that i thought was very sad is when the boy could no longer be with

the father so he had to give it back to the adoption center.It was also very sad how the boy and

his father would get alon so great and have so much with each other and still the girl he liked

was not impressed and left the father.

Yet all around i thought that this movie was very funny and very touching in some

scenes. I also think that everyone should see this movie cause it teaches you alot about life and

raising a kid.

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