Before Breakfast


Before Breakfast Essay, Research Paper

?Before Breakfast?

It has been said that Eugene O?Neill is a good writer. I?ve never read anything

from Eugene O?Neill until this short story. I thought this story had a lot of good points

but there was not enough structure to it. I don?t read a lot of things but I could have

added a lot more to this story.

Everyone gets into things that they regret after it?s already been done. Some things

you can just take back and some things you can?t. In the story ?Before Breakfast? Mrs.

Rowland got herself into something that is hard to get out of. Even though she thought

that it would have been a good thing it really was not.

Mrs. Rowland basically supported her husband Mr. Rowland. He was a drunk that

didn?t care much about anything. She marries this man because he comes from a

millionaire and she is thinking that she has a good catch. Little does she know that Alfred

isn?t all he is cut out to be. Just because you have money doesn?t mean that your life is

going to be happy. One part of the story, she is yelling his name ?Alfred? a million times

and he doesn?t answer her. Alfred had no respect for his wife. She supported him while

he went out and got drunk and had affairs but she still stuck by him. Alfred doesn?t really

care much about his life. He won?t get up and get a good job. He won?t help out his wife

at all.

When I was looking up things for Eugene O?Neill I found a lot plays he wrote and

they his house on the Internet. He was a popular person but again I never heard of him

until this research paper.

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