Been Gay Is Really A Choice


Been Gay Is Really A Choice Essay, Research Paper


Since the 1800’s, psychiatrists and psychologists have concluded that homosexuality is a mental disorder. They have believed it is brought about by misguided upbringing and their social environments. For instance, it was believed that if the child was lacking a male – figure in the home, he would most likely be gay. Or that child abuse can lead to lesbianism when the special needs of a little girl are denied, ignored, or exploited and the future womanhood of the child is in risk. However, inconsistencies in the research subjects’ abuse records ruled these theories out. And if this were the case, then why is homosexuality present in different cultures? Some believed homosexuality was caused by a difference in brain structure. In 1991, Simon LeVay published research stating that sexual orientation may be the result of differing brain structures. The hypothalamus, a region in the brain that governs sexual behavior, was the structure that LeVay was pointing as the structure at fault. In his studies of the hypothalamus, he found that in homosexual men, the hypothalamus was smaller than that of heterosexual men. Instead, it was the size of the female hypothalamus, consequently explaining their sexual tendencies.

What I believe, is that everyone has the right to live his/her life in the manner which suits them and makes them happy providing that they themselves do not in any way influence someone’s else life negatively.

I also believe that a person who is homosexual should be given the same rights as any other heterosexual person because after all, we are all human beings. Many may say that “oh yes, the Bible condemns it” but the Bible also said to “Do unto others as you would like them do unto you.” I think that we as humans have developed this negative behavior to when it comes to difference. Some may compare homosexuality to incest and molestation and rape but such a comparison is quite unfair, as with incest, molestation and rape, there is no free consent to it. My view is that homosexuality is the same as heterosexuality, just that like forces attracts rather than repel…so what if it breaks the laws of physics! Many underlying problems have stemmed from people’s hatred of homosexuals, which include discrimination and violence. You don’t have to accept someone’s choices, just respect it and not try to change them because you feel it is wrong.

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