Battle Ship Potemkin


Battle Ship Potemkin Essay, Research Paper

Battleship Potemkin

The silent film Battleship Potemkin

started off on a high, the sailors refusing

to eat the meat and soup they were served

because it was covered with maggots, for

some reasoned really captured my attention.

The setting was on a large ship that

showed us many areas, so it was not focused

on one area, they showed the galley where

the sailors eat, and they showed the

sleeping quarters and the main deck. The

also went off land which added a special

touch to the film for there was actual

footage of a country.

When the oppression began it was strange,

for it went from the sailors who didn?t eat,

getting there soup stolen to having towns

people getting killed babies falling down

stairs and solders shooting everything in

there paths.

It was interesting to see the towns

people walk by the coffin of the dead sailor

and pay their respects to a person they do

not know.

The casting was well done as said in the

notes, some of the actors were picked to

look the part but a lot were just regular

sailors and that added a special touch to

it, you saw strong body instead of little

scrawny bodies.

It was nice to see tricks being done,

meaning stunts. I enjoyed seeing the sailors

jump off the ship to go rescue the other

sailor it added a special touch.

I must say that he movie was a little

strange but in general I would recommend it

for it technique, different settings and


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