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Independent bookstores claim that the acquisition is a "body-blow for the

independent bookselling community" because there is room for B&N to

gain an unfair advantage over bookstores. They fear that the chain will receive books, especially

bestsellers, before or instead of them. For

instance, if there are a few copies of a best seller on the shelf and every book

store needs them, who will get the books first?

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out who is going to get the

books. In the midst of all the negative criticism, B&N has promised that

Ingram will continue to sell books to its competitors.

The chain vows not to give B&N "preferential treatment or freeze

out competitors, once the purchase is approved" by continuing to fill book

orders at the time they are received. They

are committed to continue business with Ingram?s current customers, including

independent bookstores, specialty stores and libraries, in the U.S. and

overseas. Barnes and Noble knows

that Ingram depends on the competition for profit earnings. Anti-trust laws do

not permit a business to eliminate the competition by monopolizing a resource

such as Ingram Book Group. It is

doubtful, that after all the success of B&N, they will risk being sued if

they try to monopolize the book industry. The sale will cost Barnes and Noble

$400 million in stock and $200 million in cash.

The $400 million in stock will make Ingram the second largest

shareholder, with Mr. Riggio owning the majority of the company?s stock. The

news of the deal sent B&N?s shares climbing from $30.87 to $34.25 on the

New York Stock Exchange. Investors

have confidence that the already successful company will increase its earnings,

efficiency and clout within the book industry.

On the other side, B&N?s biggest competitor, Amazon, saw their

stocks fall a total of $3.94. In conclusion, the purchase of Ingram Book Group

by Barnes and Noble will allow the latter to gain profits from their rivals.

Currently, Barnes and Noble is finalizing the acquisition of Ingram.

Mr.Riggio is a prime example of an individual that is now a national icon

after being just a small time businessman.

His fulfilled dream of providing a prominent book supply to students and

the general public, along with a comfortable social atmosphere, has made him a

true success and personal role model.

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