Bad Temper


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My father Khalid has a very bad temper. First of all at home he yells at everybody specially me. One day when I was taking a shower he knocked the door real hard. In a angry way asked me to get my butt out of the rest room quickly. So I came out of the rest room in a hurry. Another time my mom had made pancakes and omelets. He threw the plate on the floor; and he said to my mom can t you make anything right. He also yelled at me what the hell are you looking at. Another time my uncle invited u to a party and we went together. I was laughing with my cousin. My father insulted me in front of everyone. Why are you laughing like a donkey? After the party was over when we were coming back to the house; he shouted at my mom without nay reason. He said, Why the hell were you talking to Sarah I don t like her husband. My mom said I said hello to everyone if I said hello to her so what s the big deal. My father said why the hell are you arguing with me and then he slapped her. Then my mom started to cry. Finally I decided to leave the house because I was tired of all this problems. But I can t leave my mom alone and she loved me a lot. I asked her if she could come with me but she can t. because according to our traditions women doesn t leave her husbands house. I told my mom that dad is a big mouth. He yells at us all the time. One day when he left for work I packed my bags and left the house. It was over I couldn t bear his anger.

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