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I had spent almost two days trying to find a simple story to tell for my english class. I watched television and read short stories and still could not come up with a story that was to my liking. That is when I called my friend Mattie and asked her to give me a story that was true and to tell it like it was. That is when she told me about the worst day of her life. One morning I woke up at four am when the alarm clock fell off the shelf and onto my face. I jumped out of bed and fell acrt oss my dog, who then bit me on the ankle. Looking for my glasses, I stubbed my toe on the bedpost. By the time I was ready for my morning jog, it was pouring rain outside. As I jogged down the road, a lady threw a banana peel out the window and it hit me in the face. I was so distracted by the banana that I ran into a parked car, setting off the alarm and twisting my ankle. To my relief, a handsome man came to my aid and offered me a ride home. As I got into his car, I bumped my head on the roof and tore his headliner. He took it very well considering he just bought the car last week. I arrived to work ten minutes late. I had to hold a cat down for a shot and the furball was so scared, he crawled up my arm and down my back. It took two technicians to get the creature off of me. By the time they were finished, my back was scratched and bleeding.

On my lunch break, my ex boyfriend stopped by. He looked better than he had in years. He found a great job and had lost twenty pounds. Then he told me the good news. He was getting married!

By 6 o clock, I had a rip in my uniform that exposed my underwear and I had locked my keys in the car with the motor running. On my way home, old faithful broke down. I found myself limping to the nearest gas station in the rain, with no jacket and my underwear exposed. Finally, I got home and decided to make some soup. As I was walking to the table, I tripped and spilled boiling soup all over myself. When I tried to light my cigarrete, my hair cought on fire. Then I drove myself to the emergency room. There, they splinted my foot (I had two broken toes), wrapped my sprained ankle, gave me two stitches, a tetanus shot and a large tube of burn ointment.

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