Babies Having Babies


Babies Having Babies Essay, Research Paper

Lindsay 1

Tianna Lindsay

Mr. Fick

Composition II Honors, Period 3

7 February 2000

Children Having Children

As today?s family values slowly decline, the teen pregnancy rate slowly increases. Each year teenage girls are getting pregnant at a younger and younger age with no guarantee of a father by their side. Many girls are left with the responsibility of supporting young children financially, and many girls aren?t even ready for the responsibility of caring for another human being. In order to solve this teenage pregnancy problem society as a whole needs to come up with a solution that will guarantee that no unplanned, unwed, or under-aged teenage pregnancies occur.

I have come up with a solution that I feel will eliminate this problem. Before any girl enters into elementary school it will be required by law that they get a vaccination shot that will keep them from procreating life. Only after getting married will they be given a booster that will kill off this vaccination and allow them to have children. It won?t be required to get this booster right away, you have the option of getting it whenever you wish, but it will only be given with proof of a marriage certificate issued by the state. This way only married mothers will be having children.

By getting this vaccination young girls will be protected from pregnancy. Not only will this allow teenagers to participate in sexual activities , but also keep rapists from impregnating young, innocent children. Although I am not for teenagers having sex, in today?s society many are participating so this will allow them to have sex without the worry of procreating.

What could be better than the guarantee of not getting pregnant? This vaccination guarantees no pregnancy, this way children aren?t having children.

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