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Athena the goddess of wisdom, war, and useful arts, and the helper of heroes and inspiration for soldiers. She was the daughter of Zeus and the protector of cities and states. She was never easy to anger, she believed using wisdom was better to settle differences than fighting. Also she was never born, she was made.

Zeus and Metis were happily married until Zeus found out that his wife was going to have a baby that could conquer him in the future. They were not certain weather the baby was a boy or girl, so he had to stop the baby from being born. Zeus tricked Metis into playing a game to see how many shapes they could change to. Metis turned herself into a fly and Zeus swallowed her. She stayed inside of Zeus for sometime, using magic to make Athena. She made armor for her out of metal and used hammer to shape it. The hammering caused Zeus to have horrible headaches, so to see what was causing them he went to his son, Hephaetus the blacksmith to the gods. Zeus wanted him to crack his skull open with an ax, so he did. When he did Athena came out fully armored with a shield, helmet and a spire.

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