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Life: what is life? Is it an action or a place in our minds that keep the heart beating? I used to think life was a curse. Im sure we all felt that at one time. However, one day I awoke from my detrimental place and atitude! I realized life was what we made it. It was funny, because you could go through life hearing that a hundred times and still not have it sink in! Lucky for me, it was a simple concept to grasp. I asked myself why am I going to be miserable when I can be happy. Some people spend their whole lives deprived from happiness blaming it on other people, but the truth of the matter is that if your not happy that?s your fault. I?m sure that many doubt me , disagree with me, and could argue me. Just think about it. We have control over everything in life excpet death. Why not live this thing called ?LIFE? to it?s fullest. Easier said than done. This I know! Im not a rich person, never was. I didn?t have everything in my life, I lacked many things in my life that could have made me happy. But instead of talking about the things that didn?t make me happy, I tried to think about the things that did. I needed a base. Why stress over things I never had. Why stress over things I couldn?t control! I began to realize that trying to control what I couldn?t see, and couldn?t have was impossible! I decided to take control of what I could feel, what I could touch, but most of all what I could see! Point blank, I was taking control of life.

Drugs, school, bully?s and broken hearts are only a tiny portion of things that bring us down, cause us stress, and make us miserable. Drugs may be great while your on them, but if you need drugs to control happiness than your not naturally happy! Have you ever stayed up all night to watch the sun rise. All the beautiful lights reflecting in your eyes. Just watching that coats your heart with such peace! I would watch the sun rise and try to think about what everyone in the world was doing. Maybe one man was watering his lawn before the sun became to hot while all the children in the world where waiting for there buses to go to school. Then you have the soldiers training to support and fight for there country if the time were to come for war. Through all this, I felt like the most relaxed and carefree person. Everyone was busy getting ready for another and I would be sitting on my front lawn gazing at the sky. For 5 minutes the whole world stopped. It stopped spinning, the clouds stopped moving and the rain stopped falling.

Almost as if the whole world was sunny. It would pain me inside when people told me watching the sun rise was a waste of time. Maybe you need the heart for it, or just the want to be rescued from real life for five minutes.

Watching the sun may not accomplish anything for the real world but it accoplishes peace. It helps YOU to bcome relaxed! Shouldn?t you be the first thing to sooth and care about in the day. Yourself is the one thing tha

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