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Don?t exist exactly definition for a work of art. Work of art is something made by a person. Hence sunsets beautiful trees, ?found? natural objects such as grained driftwood, ?painting? by insects or birds and a host of other natural phenomena are not considered works of art, despite their beauty. Work of art should t be beautiful or special Work of art for me means when artist expresses his ideas by soul by creation. Work of art can be paintings, sculptors, music, songs, dance everything what is created by human imagination. Some work of art is perfect some of them are not understand for most of the people but they have conception, norms witch we need to accept. Three of the most widely accepted criteria for determine work of art is that the object or event is made by an artist, that the object or event is intended to be a work of art by its maker, and that important or recognized experts agree that it is a work of art. The ways of identifying a work of art mentioned above depend on the conceptions of the artist and experts on art. Work of art include artistic form, participation, content, subject matter. The artistic form interprets or clarifies some subject matter. The subject matter, strictly speaking, it is not work of art. It is only suggested by the work of art. The interpretation of the subject matter is the content or meaning of the work of art. Content is embodied in the form. These principles should help to everybody to apply our set of guidelines to specific examples.



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