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Y Unicameral, or single chamber congress

Y Did not include an executive branch or president

Y Committee of the states made up of one delegate from each state managed the government when congress was not assembled.

Y No federal court system

Y Congress settled disputes among states

Y Each state has one vote in congress, no matter of size or population

Y Every state legislature selected its own representatives to congress paid them, and could recall them at any time.

Y Congressional powers :

1. Make war and peace

2. Send and receive ambassadors

3. Enter into treaties

4. Raise and equip a navy

5. Maintain and army by requesting troops from the states

6. Appoint senior military officers

7. Fix standards of weights and measures

8. Regulate Indian affairs

9. Establish post offices

10. Decide certain disputes among the states


National government

Each state had no intention of giving up its sovereignty to a central government

Congress did not have the power to levy or collect taxes, Congress could do little if the state refused to provide the money

Congress did not have the power to regulate trade

Congress could not force anyone to obey the laws it passes or to abide by the articles of confederation

Laws need the approval of nine of the thirteen states

Amending the articles required consent of all states

Central government did not have an executive branch

Government had no national court system


| Establish of a fair policy for the development of the lands west of the Appalachians

| Individual states ceded their claims to these territories to the central government, providing a priceless national asset that became a strong force for national unity

| Enacted two land ordinances that provided for the origination of these territories

| Established the principle that the territories owned by the government were to be developed for statehood on an equal basis with older states

| Peace treaty with Great Britain

| Set up the departments of Foreign Affairs, War, Marine, & the Treasury, each under a single permanent secretary

| Encourage cooperation among the states


States began to quarrel

Nation faced serious money problems

Shay s Rebellion

The Annapolis Convention

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