Arthropods Essay, Research Paper

Section 2 – Arthropods

Arthropods are invertebrates that have external skeleton, segmented bodies, and appendages; they have open circulatory systems; they reproduce sexually

The outside skeleton is made of up of chitin and is called the exoskeleton; the process of shedding an exoskeleton is called molting

The major groups of arthropods are crustaceans, arachnids, centipedes, millipedes, and insects


-two or three body sections

-three pairs of appendages for chewing

-two pairs of antennae

-five or more pairs of legs

-develop into adults by metamorphosis

-live in water or damp places

-herbivores and carnivores

Arachnids (spiders and their relatives):

-two body sections

-eight legs

-no antennae

-breathe with book lungs or through tiny

openings in their exoskeleton

-many arachnids (spiders) are predators

-some arachnids (mites, ticks) are parasites

Centipedes and Millipedes:

-many segments

-centipedes have one pair of legs attached to

each segment; millipedes have two pairs

-centipedes are carnivores; millipedes are


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