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I have chosen to discuss about Mushrooms and You?re.

Intro: The titles of the poems can tell you a lot about them before you have even began to read to read them. For example the poem You?re. Well first of all its title tells us that the speaker is going to be talking about or describing someone or something. The poem Mushrooms does not necessarily have to be about Mushrooms because of what the title says. Because when analysing a poem you must find out what it means and what the words are describing as most of the words are probably similes or metaphors. For example the word mushroom could be something to do with multiplying or getting bigger very quickly because that is what mushrooms do.

Plath has used her experiences to write about many of her poems. For example in You?re she has written about being pregnant. And in Mushrooms she has described the feminist movement by using mushrooms.


The poem is describing the feminist movement when the country was mainly dominated by men and women didn?t have the vote and when people had mid western values (women stay at home and cook while the men go to work e.t.c.).

The poet is trying to get across that women will soon be getting what they deserve and that they are just as good as men deserve to vote and should be treated as equals.

The mood is rather dominant. The words she uses makes it sounds as though the women are taking over.

The technique she uses in her poem is imagery. Throughout the poem Plath gives the idea of multiplying, getting bigger, taking over and power.

The structure of the stanzas is very short. She also uses words that rhyme.

The words she uses are very weak but the way she uses is very effective. What I mean by this is she makes what she is describing sound small but strong.

There is lots of imagery used in this poem, an example of this is ?So many of us? This quote gives us the impression of lots of women multiplying and getting more powerful.

The speed of the poem is a slow constant pace.

There are a lot of different sound features throughout the poem. These sounds are repetitive throughout the stanzas.


This poem is about a pregnant mother who is talking about her unborn baby. She describes how it moves around insides her stomach.

The poet is trying to describe what it is like to be a pregnant mother using metaphors.

The emotion and mood of the poem is a very happy and bright mood. I know this because she uses words like ?clown like? or ?happiest?.

She also uses imagery in this poem too but its not objects she creates in your mind its emotions. The emotion she creates is happy feelings.

The poem doesn?t have many stanzas but they are very long stanzas.

The language she uses is mainly metaphors describing happy thoughts.

There is lots of imagery used in the poem. Here is an example of this imagery ?Feet to the stars and moon- skulled?.

The speed of the poem is fairly constant and regular.

The poem doesn?t really have any specific sounds. The poem doesn?t rhyme though.

Conclusion: –

As you can see both poems are very different the first one has a rather dominant, control mood whereas the second one is a rather a happy and bright mood. This is why I chose them because I think they are a good comparison and have many differences.

Plath has written both of them from her own experiences in her life. Mushrooms is about her experience of the feminist movement and when women were fighting to get the vote and become equals. You?re is about her experiences of being a pregnant mum and what joys it brings and she mentions how far away the baby seems.

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