Art’s Manifestation In Life Essay, Research Paper

Art always manifests itself into life. The philosophy of art states that life is always portrayed in art but very vaguely, you have to see beyond its word and visions. Other than teaching a moral or serving an underlying theme, art always represents life and its surrounding. There are hidden messages for the audience to take in and apply to everyday living. In literature there are many examples of this. One particular being Beowulf translated by Burton Raffel.

In Beowulf, the main character is a brave man that defeats antagonistic creatures for the well -being of a country and its people. In our society we are exposed to evil everyday. People should learn from Beowulf that we must be our brothers? keeper and look out for one another. Society should apply their special knowledge to make a better world. People must not lose their esteem to fear and do what is best for everyone as opposed to oneself, because nobody benefits from selfishness. Beowulf understood that he had to take care of other people not only to earn their hearts but also to maintain safety and be able to provide people with what they required the most, belonging and happiness.

There are innumerable reasons why people should have compassion with each other. Other than for building good karma, it also induces self-satisfaction. Beowulf had Higlac to help him when he struggled and so shall everyone that deserves it. Wiling people are everywhere yet it is the lack of action that is keeping things from being done. There will always be a constant struggle among people, and that is where others should interfere to alleviate the weight of grief and misfortune.

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