Are You Really Eating Right


Are You Really Eating Right Essay, Research Paper

Are you Really EATING RIGHT?

Confession: I?m a culinary snoop. When I go out to dinner, I like to peek at what other people are eating?whether they ask for salad dressing on the side, what they?re drinking, how much they?ve finished before the busboy whisks their dishes away, if they order dessert. It?s not that I?m nosy; you just never know when you might pick up a nutritional trick or two from someone else?s dinning style.

That?s the idea behind nutrition makeovers here. We tracked down three women of various ages and with different lifestyles and nutritional goals. After following their eating habits and supplement intake for one week, we turned the data over to Georgia Kostas, R.D., the nutrition director of the Cooper clinic in Dallas, for some suggestions that would help the trio get the results they were after.

?All the women were trying to eat healthier but had varying degrees of success,? reports Kostas. ?That?s why many women ?especially when they?re dieting too strictly?need to consider making better food choices and possibly taking supplements.? Rather than starting from scratch, Kostas tweaked their meal plans and recommended supplement strategies that are more in line with their objectives?and, perhaps, your own. ?Most people aren?t comfortable with big changes, so you?ve got to take it one step at a time,? she says. Read her sample diet-and ?supplement revisions, and chances are you?ll pick up plenty of pointers you can apply to your next meal?no eavesdropping required.

People should eat right because if they don?t you could die and get very sick and you would not be able to live a good healthy life

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