Are Deer Taking Over The US


Are Deer Taking Over The U.S.? Essay, Research Paper

Are Deer Taking Over The U.S?

By Mitch Aston

There are many reasons why the United States should enact deer control laws. For example, one night I was coming back to Cowley, I swear I saw at least 15 to 20 deer run across the road in front of me. My proposal is that we should figure out what to do about the deer population. Here are some reasons why we should enact on the laws. There?s so many people dying or they are in serious accidents. The deer population has increased majorly in the last few years. These animals should be controlled for America?s human safety.

Here are some reasons why we should start controlling the deer population. ?Across the United States, the numbers of white-tailed deer have soared during the past few years?(Toops). Many deer are ruining the suburban residents homes because the deer have no other place to roam and find berries. So they feed on the resident?s property. Also why we should control it is that the deer are causing accidents on U.S. highways.

What we should do about this is we loosen up the laws on deer killing. We might even have to start thinking about putting up fences, so the deer can?t cross the roads period. Maybe the deer season should last longer instead of being to short. The law states that we are allowed to shoot one buck. Now that?s not going to help us with controlling the deer population. We need to be able to shoot more than one or maybe we should have no limit. They have a method of controlling the deer but its expensive. ?Non-lethal alternatives have been tried in some areas, but the cost has been staggering?(Budiansky). This method is very expense. This process cost around six hundred dollars per head. ?Now a growing group of wildlife experts say they have the natural remedy: wild wolves?(Coleman). They are using this method in Japan now this is a great idea. The wolves have to feed of bigger animals so why not put them with the deer and maybe they will kill most of the deer.

The problem that we are having with deer population is there are too many. You can say the deer?s had a baby boom season. ?From a mere 500,000 at the turn of the century, the deer population now stands at 20 million and growing?(Budiansky). This animal is taking over the roads at night and also destroying family?s properties. The deer are coming in and killing the planets and trees. Some more problems with the deer population are that they can carry diseases. The disease that the deer carry is Lyme disease. ?The spread of Lyme disease, which is carried by deer ticks and which has been on the rise as deer population grow, has added to their unpopularity?(Budiansky). The deer are really confliction with the humans in many ways. My friend that lives in Abilene Texas has a ranch. We went out there one day to see about his crops. When we got there the deer had eaten the crops and messed up his whole ranch. First we weren?t for sure that it was deer that eaten it but that night, there were so many deer roaming around. I don?t know how many deer there were. There had to be at least 20 to 30 deer. Cody said, ? That we need to do something about the law. We should be able to shoot and kill more deer than we are aloud.?(Chapman).

Also one of the main factors of deer population is the death caused by them. Many times there has been deaths on the road during the morning and at night from deer. ? The Kansas whitetail deer population is living proof that there can indeed be too much of a good thing, especially if you?re one of the nearly 10,000 motorists who was involved in a deer/vehicle accident in 1998?(Hendricks). This is why we need to control the deer population. On the roads of the U.S. deer continue to crowd the streets and highways. ?The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, says that the rising number of collisions indicates deer are reaching the limits of public tolerance (otherwise known as the herds ?cultural carrying capacity?))? (Hendricks). All through the United States people keep running into deer causing many deaths and accidents. Deer seem to be murders, instead of them being murdered. ?Nationwide, 500,000 traffic accidents and a hundred deaths a year result from deer-human collisions?(Toops). How long is it going to take for the laws to change? The deer keep killing hundreds of people in a year. Then what?s going to happen in the future? There?s going to be more deaths caused by the deer, than humans killing the deer. ?My wife was nearly killed 3 years ago when she struck a full-size buck. Luckily it bounced off her shallow-raked windshield, had it been a steep one, it could have been a real tragedy?(mtbr). How would you feel if one of your loved ones hit a deer and was killed by it? Maybe then you would realize that the deer population is taking over. It?s like the human race is the minority and the deer are the majority. ?Every year, Pennsylvania has 40,000 known deer-car collisions?(Belsie). When the deer hits an automobile it cost a large amount of money. ?In addition to the occasionally fatality, damage to cars totals tens of millions of dollars a year?(Belsie). That?s a lot of money to spend on vehicles. That money could be spent on helping control the deer population. So what should we do about killing or removing the deer? Maybe we can just have a year round hunting season for a year or so. If not, why can?t we just catch them and send them somewhere else. ? Another possible solution, trapping and relocation, depends upon finding a suitable area to release captured deer?(Toops). We have to do something about this problem. The deer are just taking over. What if we just treated them like cows. Round them up, slaughter them and sell their meat. That could be a good investment; you could make a lot of money from it.

In conclusion, deer are fatal to human life. That is why we need to act and we need to act now. If we don?t we could be in trouble. The deer are killing humans and their crops. That?s why deer population should be controlled for the safety of us humans


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