Are Americans Obsessed With Celebrities


Are Americans Obsessed With Celebrities? Essay, Research Paper

Are Americans Obsessed with Celebrities?

Looking at both sides of the subject, I would probably agree that, we are as Americans are obsessed with celebrities. If you are attracted to a celebrity, who many of us do have someone that we try to be like, we will go to extremes in mimicking that celebrity.

For instance, if that person happens to be extremely thin, then we may try to go on a diet. If it is taken to the foremost without supervision we may make ourselves sick by not eating right. Wrestling is also a good example because one person might find out they do drugs and then the do drugs to and end up worse then they were. I can watch it but ill never do it to imitate a resulting move on any one because I know that it is fake but little kid hurt them selth trying do a move seen on t.v. . One might even get to involved trying to act like a certain person that they fall behind in school, home, and after school activites. So in many cases if we did not spend too much time in front and center of the television set we might have less of the said.

The celebrities themselves do not like their privacy invaded by the press and released to the public and some of the information said about them is not true; so why say it all; the truth can’t be beat. So if you took the Enquirer and many other leading magazines about the latest celebrity news and fashion, they would all say something different. Maybe once have I seen an article the same in different t.v. Shows.

When the first Congress of the United States met in 1789, its main order of business was the adoption of the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States. The 1st Amendment provides that “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or the press . They’re for the abuse the 1st amiment too much. It is not enough to demand privacy without a rational resin, which grant you this right. Without a well thought out philosophical position, your “right” to privacy just becomes an another winning voice in the claimer for hundreds of other so-called rights.

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