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The aquifer that can be found in the cross section A-B is a confined aquifer. It has and upper confining layer of dense black shale, with a thickness of 61 meters. The lower confining layer is composed of dense gray shale and has a thickness of 3 meters. The aquifers itself is a layered heterogeneity measuring 40 meters in thickness. It is composed of three different layers; a coarse, well-cemented sandstone, 13 meters thick, a poorly-cemented coarse siltstone, 13 meters thick and a layer of poorly-cemented, fine sandstone which is 14 meters thick. The ground water flows to the southeast, or N 108 E(Base map). The aquifer has a hydraulic conductivity of 3.02 x 10-11 cm/s (Appendix A). The hydraulic gradient (dh/dl) is 8.04 x 10-2 (Appendix A). The discharge through a 10 meter width of this aquifer would be 9.7 x 10-2 cm3/s (Appendix A).

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