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There was a group of friends that was very united. They were always together. They had a great friendship, and were recognized for it. This group of friends consists of: ? Belinda: a responsible girl that cares for others. ? Hildy: a nice girl who is very friendly. ? Frank: the oldest of the 3 and also the most irresponsible; usually gets in trouble. The story is about this group that, as I said, was very unite, until April Fools, the day that changed their lives. All began where there was going to be a party out of town, and Frank who was the only one with an I.D. was the one to drive. The problem was that in the party he exceeded in beers, and because his state of unconsciousness he didn’t know what he did. The topic of this story is nonfiction and the setting is New York. April Fools by Richie T. Cusick.

Chapter 1

Belinda was starting her day at school as normal. She arrived to school without knowing that she will suddenly be very scared. She got to Hildy and they started chatting. Then, Frank came with a good new: ” There’s gonna be a party this Saturday at my friends house, you are invited.” That was his words. This party was of some college buddies of Frank?s older brother. That Saturday will always be present in Belinda?s mind.

That Saturday no one wondered of what was going to happen. Everyone thought it will be a great party and that everything will go wonderful. This party was out of town and on…on April Fool’s Day. Yes, it was going to be on April 1st.

That week no one talked of anything that was not about the party. Around the school the only thing that was heard was: “This party will be great.” Of course, that there was going to be beers, as in any college party. Belinda at first had her doubts. She was a minor and she knew her mother wouldn’t let her go. All that week Belinda was the only one that didn’t know if she was going. Frank, that was a very good friend, but he sometimes was very irresponsible, (he was like the worst in the group) convinced her of going, and the excuse was that she will stay at Hildy?s house as any other weekend to rent some movies.

Chapter 2

With this excuse, her mother let her go, trusting her. Belinda was happy and quickly went to Hildy?s. There she dressed up and was ready for the party. Since Frank was the only one with an I.D. he was the one to drive. He arrived to Hildy?s and picked both of them and went to the party. At the party, everyone danced and drank and smoked and had a lot of fun. The party was going well and Belinda was having a lot of fun. She and Frank danced almost all night, the same as Hildy. Hildy noticed that Frank was drinking too much, and this was when the problem started. Hildy wanted to leave the party, because if no, everything might turn worse. She tried to convince Frank of leaving, but Frank, with his state of unconsciousness didn’t know what was happening, and since he had the facility to drink more, he wanted to stay. Finally, Belinda and Hildy forced Frank to leave. The problem will now be worse…

Chapter 3

While driving back home, Belinda and Hildy were scared about Frank?s situation and wanted to get back home the sooner they can. Frank started joking, but these jokes were for bad. He took a shortcut that his brother recommended, where there wasn’t likely to be any highway patrol near the airport.

Of course that Belinda and Hildy rejected, but they couldn’t do anything against Frank. Frank had started feeling sick, but there was nowhere to pull off on the narrow downhill stretch, and it was so curvy dangerous, and Belinda was so frightened. That’s when another car pulled up behind them, honking, trying to pass. By this time, a terrible storm was present. Belinda had peered out through the rain on the back window, but hadn’t been able to see any faces and the car kept honking and honking and Frank had gotten mad.

“Let’s give those a scare,” he said, and Belinda had felt like she was choking, feeling that something terrible was about to happen. Shed begged Hildy, to let the car pass, but Frank suddenly grabbed the wheel again, and they almost run the car off the road. Belinda remembered Hildy shouting at him and Frank saying: “Let’s give them a real scare this time!”

The other car swerving around them, just as Frank?s foot hit the gas pedal, lurching them forward, right onto the other care fender. Hildy started to hit him and wrestling him for the steering wheel and Belinda had closed her eyes and prayed, certain they were all going to die. Just Hildy yelling and Frank laughing and the squeal of tires on slick blacktop as they slid around curves and Belinda begging them to stop, begging them to let her out of the car.

“Stop the car!,” shouted Belinda, and then the terrible noise had come then- the terrible, unbelievable noise not so far away- the crash going on and on through the dark and the thunder, and the crunching and twisting of metal, and the helpless, panicky screams.

Chapter 4

For a moment time had ended. She remembered Hildy frozen in the front sit…Frank?s dazed, white face…She could feel the rain pounding on the roof, like her heart pounding in her throat. “Oh, God! Hurry!” “No, Belinda, wait!” And somehow she founded the car at the bottom of the valley, a small burst of flames. “We have to help!” It had taken a time to realize that neither Frank nor Hildy were behind her…While someone watched from the top of the hill…Even now, it made her skin crawl.

Belinda shouted him for help, but she didn’t move. And she started to run to the front of the car, but Frank tackled her, throwing her to the ground, and she kept screaming.

But there’s was another screaming too, and it was not Frank, not Hildy…They were screams of pain and terror. The car was about to blow. They heard the explosion. Belinda was so scared she could talk, and she turn back to avoid seeing such show.

Inside the car, the only words that were heard were from Belinda: “Oh, my God, what have we done…If only it hadn’t been April Fool’s Day” But the terror doesn’t ends here. Two weeks later, Belinda is the only one who still feels guilty about the accident. Then the “pranks” begin when Belinda arrived home, she checked her mailbox, and inside it was a bloody doll head. Obviously someone witnessed…or survived the accident. And they’re going to make her pay slowly for what happened. April Fools Day is over. But these jokes re for real.


I found this story very interesting. I like it very much, and it was fascinating. This story kept you always with the doubt and once you start reading it, you cant stop. I really suggest this book, because it is very scary, but interesting.

It has an easy language, I mean, it is easy to understand. It has no complicated words. It is not written in an archaic language. When you read it and you imagine whats happening, you will see that it is a great book.

Richie Tankersley Cusick

April Fools

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