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Application To Executive Assistant Position Essay, Research Paper

Throughout this memorandum I will demonstrate why I am the best candidate for the position of Executive Assistant to the President and CEO. You will be informed of my qualities through these three main ideas: Problem solving, Team skills and Initiative. With these three qualities I can insure you that I will meet and exceed all you expectations for someone in this kind of position.

The ability to problem solve is a very important quality when it comes to an executive position and I am sure that I will be able to make a step towards solving every problem I am confronted with. This is so easy for me to say because at one point in my life I was involved in Corvallis Philomath leadership, a group for high-school leadership students. The group meet weekly at different businesses around Corvallis and we would be given a problem that dealt with the business we currently were at. Some of the problems that we encountered involved things like Logging, poverty and the crime. This way we got experience solving many different kinds of problems. Some thing else that helped me become a better problem solver was when I was a counselor for Outdoor school. In this case I was placed in a cabin with eight 7th grade boys. During my time as an outdoors school counselor I was forced to deal with many problems that I had never dealt with before. I few of the problems I dealt with where things like fights between kids, bed wetting, and steeling. Even though I think this was one of my most difficult moments I stayed calm and got through every problem that was brought to my attention. As you can see through these two circumstances I possess an enormous amount of experience in solving many different kinds of problems.

In a business environment teamwork is key to the businesses success. One of my first experiences with teamwork was when I got involved in my schools leadership program. My role in leadership stayed mostly as just another team player, until my junior year when I was elected class president. Every day in class we worked as a team to accomplish many different goals. Leadership was in charge of school dances, elections for office, and keeping school sprit positive. At the beginning of leadership my freshman year the first thing that we did was to establish a mission statement for that year. During the year we would work as a team to accomplish our mission. Our leadership program not only performed our school duties, we also did a lot for the community. But the important thing was that everything we completed was carried out as a team. The key to my success in leadership was due to my involvement in every issue that was brought to our group. With my experience involving teamwork I can promise you that I will bring great success to the business as executive assistant.

With a position of this importance in is very essential that you can trust your employee to complete a job with minimum supervision and direction. This is what is called Initiative, an area where I have a great deal of familiarity. One situation that I was forced to apply Initiative to was when I took my first independent studies class. In this independent studies course there was no supervision at all and very little direction. My task was to design a gazebo for a highly used park in Corvallis. The first method that I chose to do was to research all about gazebos. Some questions that I wanted to answer where: What they looked like? What they were used for? And what design period they were form? After answering all of these questions I then was able to easily come up with a perfect design for a gazebo. Next I went to the instructor to ask what his opinion was on my design. This was the only time that I had even talk to the instructor since the beginning of the course. As you can tell I successfully carried out my task, and I guaranty I will do the same with any task I am asked to do by you.

As you have read through this memorandum I hope that you have come to realize that I am the best cantidate for the position of Executive Assistant to the President and CEO. Through these main Ideas, Problem solving, Team skills and Initiative I believe that I have demonstrated that I have a great deal of experience in all three areas. Again I guarantee if I am hired into this position I will meet all your expectations and I will bring all my important qualities to every project I am assigned to.

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