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Apple and Gateway 2000

Most people think that computer are the same. That the only difference is the computers names. And that buying a cheaper one is the same as the more expensive ones. But this is not true there are a lot of differences when it comes to buying a computer. Apple and Gateway are two of the top makes of personal computers. They have a lot of thing that are similarly but what make them different is the processors then uses.

All Gateway computers come with 128MB of memory, but the apple computer come with memory that vary for 64MB to 256MB. Both have extra room to expandable to 384MB. All Gateway computer come with CD-ROM and DVD players, but the apple computers you have to pay more to get the DVD player on the computer.

Like most computers both apple and Gateway computers run there operating system on Microsoft Windows 98. Both of the computer come with 3.5 diskette drive for floppy disk. All so there is a sound system in both computers with speakers to go with the computer. The Gateway computers come with a Boston Acoustic Digital Media Theater. The apple computers come with build in speakers in to the modems.

But the on think that makes this to computer companies different is the processes they use. Gateway uses the news Intel Pentium processor III. Apple uses the power PC G4 with velocity Engine. Both seem like good processors, but apple new G4 is said to be faster then the Intel penitent III.

The power PC G4 with velocity Engine processor is the news processor from apple. The G4 is a supercomputer on a chip. Because the G4 is able to execute at least one billion floating point operation per. second. It’s staggering measure of speed known as a gigaflop.

The new power PC G4, architected by apple, Motorola and IBM is the first microprocessor that can deliver sustained performance of over one gigaflop. It has a theoretical peak performance of four gigaflops. The Power PC G4 can process information in 128 bit chunks, compared to the 32 or 64 chunks in the Intel Pentium processor.

The Pentium III processor enables higher polygon counts and advanced light effects that can provide software and web sites with more life like surfaces. Because video files tend to be large, all the benefits of the Pentium III processor realized for still imaging are even more important for editing and viewing video. In addition, the performance capabilities of the processor allow for real-time MPEG-2 video encoding and editing and great performance for streaming video resulting in higher quality video on the Internet.

The Pentium III processor can unleash the full multimedia capabilities of your PC including full-screen, full-motion video and realistic graphics-for an enhanced, exciting Internet experience. It integrates the best attributes of the latest Intel processor platforms with new technology, featuring 70 new instructions that let you enjoy new Web sites and software to the fullest and enable: Amazing 3D, Realistic Animation, Advance Imaging, Streaming Video, and Speech Recognition.

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