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Anton Chekhov is a master at showing aspects of real

life; how fed up people are, how it really is without the

everyday pleasantries, and how exploitable people are by one

another. Chekhov uses these three aspects with great

mastery to show his form of real life in his “Selected


Chekhov shows how fed up people are with one another in

his short story the “Jailer Jailed.” This story is about a

man, who is a prosecuting attorney, is actually living in

his own jail; being married to his wife who lets him do

nothing but wait on her hand and foot. “I understand what

it means to be in jail!” This quote explains just how the

man feels living his life the way he is. The above is a

direct example in life as how fed up people are. It just

makes weird sense that a man with so much power with people

doesn’t have a prayer with his wife.

“Milksop” is another one of Chekhov’s stories showing

how real life is, but this particular one depicts life

without its pleasantries. This story is about a reporter

who wants to be invited to this prestigious party but can’t

go because he works for the press. This shows real life

without its pleasantries. Because the man couldn’t get into

the party because he was a reporter, his public power failed


“A Nincompoop” also shows real life as Chekhov sees it,

but this particular one depicts how exploitable people are

by one another. This story begins with a women’s payday.

But, to her surprise her employer starts to deduct for

things she has broken and for other dumb reasons. When he

gets all done all she is left with is eleven out of sixty

rubles. But she takes them gladly anyway. Then her

employer asks if she thinks this is fair, and she agrees.

Then her employer says that she is stupid and gives her the

rest of her money. This above plot shows how exploitable

people are. To take sixty-nine rubles away from somebodies

pay check for stupid reasons is definitely exploiting them.

Anton Chekhov’s mastery involves showing real life; how

fed up people are, how life really is without its benefits,

and how exploitable people are by one another. He does a

great job doing this and I would recommend him to anyone who

wants to read “plain life” stories.

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