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Animal Experiments Essay, Research Paper

Animal experimentation by scientists can be cruel and unjust, but at the same time it can provide long term benefits for humanity. Animals used in research and experiments have been going on for 2,000 years and keep is going strong. It is a widely debated about topic all over the world. Some say it is inhuman while others say it’s for the good of human kind. There are many different reasons why people perform experiments and why others total disagree with it.

Each year 20 million animals are produce and breed for the only purpose but to be tested on. Fifty-three thousands of animals are used each year in medical and veterinary schools. The rest is used in basic research. The demand for animals in the United States is 50 million mice, 20 million rats, and about 30 million other animals. This includes 200,000 cats and 450,000 dogs. The world uses about 200-250 million animals per year.

The problem with working with animals is that they cannot communicate their feelings and reactions. Other people say that they can communicate and react to humans just a well as one person to another. Some of the animals the research’s use are not domesticated which makes them extremely hard to control and handle.

The experiments that go on behind closed doors are some of the most horrific things a human could think of too torture somebody or something. Animals in labs are literally used as models and are poked at and cut open like nothing is happening. When drug are tested on animals only one in eight thousand reach the drugstore shelves and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA. There are numerous tests that animals are put through. Toxicity testing or testing determining if a substance is poisonous or not. Animals are exposed to chemicals through inhalation, ingestion, eye contact, and skin contact. They are induced or other words they were normal until a scientist inject chemicals, microorganisms, or other substances into them to produce a disease or to create symptoms of a specific condition. They are put in cages that are covered in their own feces and excrement in small cramped windowless rooms in a laboratory where they know they are going to die. They are bred to die and that’s their only reason they where born on this earth so that the scientists can test the effects of drugs and disease. Scientists actually stand and watch animals die from diseases. They induce hemophilia (excessive bleeding) in dogs, epilepsy (causes seizures) in mice, glaucoma (eye disease) in rabbits, and deafness in cats.

There are three main reasons why animals are used in experiments are research on disease, behavior, and education. Research of how the cells function and how disease works. What causes the disease? What can prevent those diseases and how to cure them? Research’s test drugs, chemicals, or products to determine safety and effectiveness. Tested on drugs, discovery new surgery, and to test vaccine or to invent one. They are used in cosmetics to test their efficiency. They are used in the military to test effects of war, radiation, sickness, and impact forces of objects. The behavior of animals and what affects them. How various organisms and organs respond to events of everyday life? It can benefit in education in school and universities. Students dissect and practice on animals in surgery. It trains them in medicine and science teaching anatomy and biology.

Humans and scientist can benefit from animal research by finding cures and helping people, but it costs a lot of money and takes away a lot of money from government funding which good go to help the homeless or build shelters. It is and will always be a long debated about subject. On one hand it will considerably help increase the advancements in medicine and science, but on the other hand it is extremely cruel and is one of the most inhuman things to do. The facts are animal experimentation will be going on for some time and there’s nothing we can do because it helps people in so many different ways.

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