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Analysis of The Union Racket

There is an article in the April 24,2000 issue of The Detroit News called The Union Racket . This article explains how the International Brotherhood of Teamsters currently stands with its lawsuit against its former president. Though the essay dose communicate many useful points, is dose a poor job of not meeting the seven failure requirements for any writing as established by Orwell.

This essay breaks four of the seven rules of good writing. The first rule it breaks is to over exaggerate also known as hyperbola. The article makes references to charters that are not real. The authors of the essay speak with a bias tone. The authors put their own opinions in with the facts in the story, to try to get you to believe what they do. You can find many examples of this in the story. The article uses nonfactual and illogical text, which can be very confusing to the reader. The last rule that the article breaks is that it generalizes.

This article dose break over half of the rules of writing set forth by Orwell, but less than ten percent of the paper contains these errors. With only less than ten percent of the article having problems many readers may think that this is acceptable, but if a reader misunderstands one key point he may not understand the entire article.

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