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Arrest Warrant

In the case of Darlie Routier, an arrest warrant was needed to be issued so that Darlie would be taken to the police station by a police officer. The officer woho signed Darlie’s arrest warrant was Officer Jimmy Patterson. The warrant spelled out the police version of the story and it was later released to the media. Police said that inconsistencies in Darlie’s story were the key ingredient. First she would tell them one thing and then she would tell them another. Her stories made the officer believe that he had the right to put her under arrest.

Many things had been stated in the warrant that were extremely important. It stated the officer’s name and how he believed that on the sixth day of June, Darlie had committed the offense of Capital Murder in Rowlett, Texas. This document also stated that Capital Murder was a very serious violation of the Texas Penal Code. It described what Darlie looked like saying she was a white female, age of 26, born on January 4, 1970, 130 lbs., blonde hair and hazel eyes. The above facts were very imortant since it was a document saying that the mother of three children had committed a serious offense and that she would have to go to prison for it.

The police’s version of the story was also very important. It told the media about how she became a suspect and why she had become one. It tells us that Devon and Damon had been stabbed multiple times and had many wounds in the chest. Damon had many wounds also in the back of him. When the police had gotten the call from Darlie, she kept on telling the police that “they” had stabbed the boys but other times she would refer to the assailant as “he”. The document also says how Darlie had described the man who supposedly killed her two children. When the police checked the footprints of blood, they had only found her barefoot ones and no one else’s. It also tells about the knife and how it seemed to have Darlie’s fingerprints on it. At the end of the warrant there was a signature to indicate that Darlie should be arrested based on the facts.

In this case, the arrest warrant was very effective to tell the court and the media all the evidence found by the police officer who arrested her.


In this case, bail was a big issue since it was the only way Darlie Routier could come to her own trial. If she was granted bail, she would be free for approximately one month since that was the amount of time needed for the trial. At Darin and Darlie’s first hearing for the granting of bail, Judge Barker said that since Darlie had committed a very indictable offense, her bail should not be granted. After further discussions, the judge’s decision was that bail would be granted at an extremely high price. Their decision was that Darlie’s price for bail would be one million dollars and Darin, Darlie’s husband, would have to come up with that much money in a short period of time.

Darin had a lot of trouble coming up with this amount of money. He still had everyday routine costs of mortgage groceries and utilities. He said that his whole life was for sale including his belongings and his business. Darin had no faith since he had also said that no matter what he did, he would not be able to get his wife out and let her have freedom unless the price for bail was put to a lower cost. There was a bit of worry at the District Attorney’s Office also. Darin was known to be a very resourceful man so they decided to do nothing about it at that moment but to make sure the price was not lowered.

When there was a second hearing about the reduction of bail, Darin was embarrassed since he had to make his finances public. The Judge decided that it would be a good idea to reduce the price to one hundred thousand dollars since Darin was never going to be able to pay one million. Darin’s problem was that he had so much to pay to the other companies and it all added up to be more than the reduced price of the bail. He managed to pull it off and everything worked out fine.

Bail was important in this book because if Darlie was not granted bail then she would not been able to testify at the trial and should not be with her lawyer. She would also not be able to hear the verdict so therefore bail was important and granted in the novel.


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