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Boiling Over

Scribbled By: Mark Cotterill of Markham District High School

On the same day I bring home both an “A” and a “D”; my parents are not impressed to say the least. They go threw their spiel and tell me I should be doing better, I agree. My “A” is thanks to extra resources and study time in history; the “D” is from lack of attention and or interest in math. My simple dilemma is that I enjoy writing so I do. I don’t enjoy math so I do something else (I write). The problem lies in the latter of the two. This is not isolated to just these two subjects but my full course load.

I concentrate on what I am proficient at and what I take pleasure in. I favor English so instead of doing all my math homework I spend extra time on English. When I should really be spending extra time on the subjects I am weaker at (like math). It reminds me of an episode of a silly sitcom.

The star of the show was attempting to cook a dinner from scratch. It was extravagant with different vegetables, sauces, appetizers and salads. Even though he had been cooking all day and was a few hours away from serving, it looked like he hadn’t even started. What amazed me was at one point he had both pots and pans on the elements and something in the oven. He was focusing his concern on only this, as this was the most critical part of cooking the meal. As you can imagine with silly sitcom hi-jinx he was adding the wrong ingredients together with putting them at the wrong temperature with humorous results (or at least the laugh track thought so). But he seemed to focus on the easy tasks like adding an ingredient to one pot while looking at the pan to it’s left and saying ” I don’t know about that one”. So in misunderstanding what is going on in the left pan he sticks with the familiar adding of taste by way of salt and pepper to the pot. This adds to the humor, as when he is done and serving he can’t even identify the potato that he started with now dark crispy round pucks. However the gravy that he spent his time on was superb tasting, they did not have any potatoes to compliment with.

This is much like my problem, as I also only want to be concerned with what I am good at or what I enjoy. My gravy is English, History and AudioVisual. My bitter tasting accompaniment is Math, Science and Physics. My dinner guest is university and I am cooking to impress them. If they enjoy this meal I will cook again this time only the stuff I like. I love to cook but only what I love to relish in.

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