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George Washington bravely fought so that our country, The United Stastes of America, could be called a free and independent nation. As American citizens it is our duty and responsibility to use that freedom to better undertsatnd ourselves, our community and our country. There are many ways we can seve our country, which vary from community sevice to serving in the armed forces. The more we contibute to our Nation, the more we are given back.

One easy way to take part in our country is to vote. Many people overlook it as a chore and not the privelige it is. It allows us to have our voice heard in Government. As an American citizen, voting is one of our duties and responsibilities. . Every presons vote is important. Many countries are run by tyrants and not given the freedom of choice.,However, as American ciizens, we have the fredom to vote. By not acting on that freedom , we are abusing it and therefore not living up to our responsibilites as an American citizen. It is also our duty as American citizens to give back to our country through community sevice. By helping others we are fulfilling our responsibilites as Americans. As people we owe our felllow citizens repect.

American gave back a great deal to the people. We are provided with the freedome to be educated, live long prosperous lives, and to voice our opinions. In America, there is a high value on learning and education. Also, The United States is highly advanced in medicine and technology, which allows the people of the United States to live longer lives. In the United States of America, the elderly, the sick and the childern of our country are properly cared for.

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