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America Online To Unveil Flat Fee For Internet Access

The Internet is becoming more popular and more widely used, and the Market for internet access is growing rapidly. To stay

competitive in this fast-moving industry, America Online has announced that they will switch their price plan for internet a

flat-fee rate of $19.95 per month.

After the changed in price (decrease), the Supply curve

“S” will shift to “S1″. An increase in Supply curve will increase

(Quantity) people using America Online and decrease Price.

America Online has announced a change to their price plan for internet access. before they charged a rate of $19.95 for only 20 hours

of internet access. One of the many reasons is that it could help the service against Internet competitors, by doing this “Keith Benjamin

says there may be some short-term negative impact on margins.” Negative impact on margins means that there will be decrease in

earnings. Another reason for this pricing move is part of a broader effort to add new features to the service and make it more compelling

than rivals.

Since America Online?s price is lower people will tend to use America Online more. This is a competitive market as America Online

lowers their price, other competitors will lower their price too. This will happen until they reach the Equilibrium.

By staying in this fast-moving industry, America Online has unveiled a set of features that include enhancements to listening to audio

on-line, better methods for viewing video on-line, and tools for media companies to spruce up their on-line fare. In Addition to that

America Online also expected to unveil another initiative whereby Internet-service providers could offer their subscribers easy access to

America Online in return for ad revenue.

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