Allergy Essay, Research Paper

There are millions of Americans today whom suffer from allergies, catch colds or burn from hot fevers. These Americans depend on over the counter drugs, which are convenient to attain. I believe that the average American who has caught the common cold in the winter would just run to the nearest store to get some medicine rather than make an appointment with the doctor to get a simple prescription. The doctor?s schedule would be so filled up with such simple illnesses! Advertising on television allows people to be informed of what medicine today has to offer. Advertising is meant for a two-way gain from the consumer and the company. Television advertising is not responsible for American?s belief that over the counter drugs are cure-alls.

Americans must be very gullible to believe everything they see on television. It is quite understandable for a child to believe such things, but an average adult should catch something that is exaggerated and embellished. Medicine is taken very seriously because it involves our health, and health is something that we value very much because it affects us in every way. I have seen many commercials in my lifetime, and over the counter drugs are common. I believe that these commercials are more beneficial to consumers rather than harmful. From commercials, the consumers are informed of new upgraded medicine. From this information, the consumer is given a choice whether the product benefits them. This way, the company also benefits because their sales will increase. The more sales they make the more money they gain, the more money they gain, the more they can use the money to research in better medicine for the people. A never-ending cycle can be seen from this. There is in some cases, that the medicine that the consumer purchases will not heal their cold, allergy, or fever. Each individual has his or her unique body that requires different attention. The medicine products only tries to cure the majority, therefore in some cases, the medicine will not fit certain people.

Television advertising today plays a major role in informing consumers in America today. Medicine is stressed to be an important product for every breathing human being. When a company advertises, it tries to be the best against other competitors. Therefore, it may seem as though the products are cure-alls. People know that a particular cleaner won?t clean all the stains, so why should people believe that certain advertised medicines be a cure for all people?

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