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The Aids epidemic continues to grow globally. According to this article “33.6 million people are expected to be living with virus this year.” Also an expected 2.6 million people will die from the virus this year. This is the most people that will die from the virus since the epidemic was discovered around two decades ago. This means that one in every twenty deaths will be because of AIDS. 16.3 million people have already died from this virus. In some places in Europe and Africa, the virus has doubled in only two years. “More than half the victims are under age 25, and few will live to see their 35th birthday.” Girls that are between ages 15 – 19 are five times more likely to become infected than boys of the same age group are. Male to female transmission of the virus occurs more easily than female to male transmission. Drug users infected with the virus are also steeply rising.

Some high political leaders are stepping up and confronting the virus. This has therefore caused a containment of the virus. One place this is happening is in the Philippines. In the Philippines, prostitutes are being registered and are given a biweekly health screening. Some think that this epidemic is at a turning point. Heads of countries are turning and speaking out, and the richer countries are making more investments. This could possibly lead to prevention or maybe even a cure for the virus.

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