Advice To The President


Advice To The President Essay, Research Paper

Advice to the President

Mr. President, the moral decline in our country has plummeted since you have been in office. I would like to think that you had no part in this, but I believe that you play a very large role in this issue. First of all, you legalized third-term abortions. You tell us not to kill in the streets, but yet you will stab an infant in the neck without him being able to defend for himself. Secondly, you took the Bible out of schools. In the United States, there is to be no religious persecution. So you just abandon religion? I do not think that solves any problems, in fact, I think it causes more. Since you have taken the Bible out of schools, look at all of the drugs, sex, and shooting rampages that have taken place. For some reason, I am lead to believe that taking the Bible out of our schools has played some part in this. I would also like to question your leadership abilities. The youth in our country are constantly looking for a role model. I should think that the president of this country would be a perfect one. For some odd reason, however, if I thought that I was anything like you, I would go ahead and ask the Lord to take me home! I?m sure the various affairs you have had have been of no influence to us. That?s why teen pregnancy has gone up forty percent since you have come into office. The youth of today are seeing what you are doing and thinking that it is okay to do that too. A boy in Ridgeville, South Carolina shot his girlfriend as well as himself because she was riding in a car with another guy. Does this sound at all familiar; perhaps the alleged ?suicide? of Vince Foster would refresh your memory a bit. Lastly, I would like to discuss integrity. Something that I do not think you have much of. When President Nixon was in office, and involved with the ?Watergate Scandal?, I seem to recall you saying that any president who does wrong, should resign. Is there some special standard for you that none of us know about? We have people living in the streets, many right outside of your house, but yet you rent bedrooms of the White House to raise money for a campaign. I see no sign of greed there! Once again, look at the youth in this country. They are greedy. I guess you have no part in that as well. Could you please start looking at the people in the country that you are supposed to be running? Look past how much money YOU can get from China, or wherever. Look at what is best for the people in the United States. I wish that you could see how much influence you have put on the youth of today. Furthermore, I wish that it were a positive influence. My best advice to you would be to get your life straight and set standards for yourself, before you try to run a country.

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