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Advertising: No Effect or Negative Effect?

No effect! If someone told you to jump off of a bridge would you do it? Maybe. If they told you to destroy your life and body by smoking a cigarette, would you? Possibly. But any of these descisions you make are not forced upon you by them and they have no impact on if you do what they say or not.

The only people that are affected by the ploys of big companies to buy the companies products just on appearance of the product and flashy advertising propaganda are the weak minded. They put these beautiful people in their commercials using their products trying to make you think that you will become beautiful if you buy this product. If you really think that you need a product to make you look beautiful that bad then, stop wasting your money and get plastic surgery.

The ability of some people to be gullible amazes me they get sucked into buying a product because of some cute and cuddly little animal saying ?OOO buy this toy. It is a lot of fun.?

Get a clue people this little fuzzy animal has nothing to do with the company. While you are out buying this company?s product the CEO?s are sitting in their offices smoking huge cigars and laughing while you fill up their wallets just because you are too simple minded to understand it is just a stupid little advertisement that is sucking you in to this product.

Please listen to me one more time. There is not one thing a company can do that should make you want to buy their product. The only real reason to buy a product is because of its quality. Not because there is a furry animal on the cover. So, the only reason you should think advertising is bad is because you are weak-minded and you let it suck you in.

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