Adventure In Cancun


Adventure In Cancun Essay, Research Paper

Rebeca Romo



After a long night of partying and drinking we all had a short time to sleep. Esther woke me up at about 8:40. We had to catch the tourist bus to the pyramids by 9:00. We were 16 seniors in a little hotel off the main strip of Cancun. We were four to a room, but we always seemed to wake up in different rooms. It was our third day there and were where wearing down from all the activities. We had made a package with a tourist guide to all these different places in Cancun. It was a great idea at the time the only problem was that they were all in the mourning a few hours after we got in from the clubs the night before.

We just made it on time to miss the bus. We had to wait for the next bus to load up and take us. The bus ride gave us about three hours of sleep. When we finally got there, we looked around the huge remains of the Aztecs. We got to climb up the highest pyramid with about 500 very steep steps and no elevator. I felt like I had conquered the world when I looked down at all the ant looking people from the top of the Pyramid.

On the way back to the hotel, we were talking about our plans for that night. Someone got the bright idea to get drunk before we got to the club. The cover charges were outrages and the cost of liquor was over-priced. We thought it would be cheaper if we were to buy a couple bottles and drink at the hotel. It was about ten of us in a room made to hold two. By the time we decided it was time to start heading to the club, just about everyone was wasted. We decided on what club to go to and meet there. Some took the bus and some got on taxies. I was with Esther and her boyfriend Conrad in a cab. Half way there Conrad starts tapping my shoulder and waiving his hand. The look on his face let me know exactly what he wanted to tell me. I made the cab driver stop so Conrad could throw up. At the same time, Esther had to desperately use the washroom. The taxi driver left us at the side of the rode by a park. Conrad was throwing up by a tree and Esther was jumping around. Esther decides to catch a taxi back to the hotel because there was not a washroom in sight. Conrad runs after Esther and I am helping him not fall. When we finally got back Esther ran up stairs and Conrad was holding on to a pole calling Esther’s name.

In the mourning, we were all running to catch the tourist bus again. I found out that no one made it to the club. We decided not to get drunk before we got to the club again.

Rebeca Romo

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