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Adolf Hitler’s Life Essay, Research Paper

Andrew McCurdy

Adolf Hitler?s Life

Adolf Hitler was born around 6:30 p.m. on the night of April 20, 1889. He was born in a little village of Braunau Am Inn in Australia. He would one day lead a party that put a major importance on one?s family tree. Even though there was a Jew on his own family tree.

Adolf?s father, Alois came from a poor background. Alois was born in 1837. Alois even became an Austrian customs official. He provided Adolf with a secondary school education. But he never got his customary graduation certificate, because of poor school behavior. In 1907, because of his father?s death Adolf moved away from home in Linz, Upper Austria so he could live in Vienna. When Adolf got to Vienna he mainly concentrated on his art and some architecture. But he didn?t make it in to the Academy of Fine Arts. When the money that his parents gave him ran out he had to find some more money. Adolf found a job he painted postcards and watercolors. So that is the way he earned money for a couple of years.

In 1913, Adolf moved to Munich. He moved there for two reasons, he was hoping to invade the Austrian Military and to find a better life that he would like. But when he got there it was harder for him to make a living than it was in Vienna. When World War I broke out he was really happy so he could go into the war. But in 1916 Adolf was shoot in the leg and in 1918 he was put in the gas chamber. For that he received a Bravery award. In September 1919, while he was an army political agent, Adolf found out about the German Workers? Party. Adolf realized that this group would give him a pretty good chance at getting him his new goal. His new goal is to get political power. So in April of 1920 Adolf left the army so he could put all of his time to his position, chief propagandist, in the party. In November of 1923, Adolf went to prison for some illegal business in a little beer hall that he owned. Adolf tried to use his trial to get attention for what he was trying to do with the illegal business. But Adolf only served nine months out of the five years that he was supposed to. When Adolf got out of prison he tried to get the Nazi party back together, but he found out it was going to be harder than it sounds. Gregor Strasser, the leader of the party, tried to stop Adolf. But Adolf got some help from the guys left back from World War I. In May of 1926, they held a party conference, Adolf out witted Strasser and won back his position as chairman.

In September of 1930, Adolf and the Nazis made their first big move in the national elections, after that it seemed like Adolf could rise with nobody noticing a change. Of course all of that happened after the depression came over Germany. He still used his way of power of propaganda, demagoguery, and terror, and now he proclaimed and was against strong party oppositions. Through this time Adolf was supporting himself on money from his books and fees for his newspaper articles.

He was making so much off of those that he could afford an apartment in Munich, a small village in the Alps, and a new car. He still managed to lead a modest life though. His behavior went between periods where he couldn?t get any more energy and times where he was inactive and lazy. Sometimes he had carvings for movies, pastries, and Richard Wagner music. His sex life was a little weird. In 1928 he had an affair with his niece Geli Raubal. It ended though in 1931 when Geli felt suffocated by Adolf that she killed herself. When he became dictator he made Eva Braun his mistress, when she wanted to get married he refused so he could his image as a self-denying public servant. In July of 1932, Paul von Hindenburg was won the presidential elections. But on January 30, 1933, the old Hindenburg appointed Adolf chancellor of a coalition government with the conservatives. The conservatives thought that Adolf would help them. But in four months Adolf proved his mastery over all of the other men. Adolf demolished the Communist and Socialist groups as well as all of the labor unions.

In early 1934 had to deal with some new conflicts from his party. The SA and the Nazi left energetically opposite grouping with business and military leaders, plus a group of monarchists were protesting for a return of the monarchy. Hindenburg?s health kept getting worse and worse every day. This was a good thing to hear for Adolf. So Adolf put forth the most radical ways he could think of. He rallied and at the rallies he put the party leaders, the army, and the Blackshirts behind him. On July 30, 1934, Adolf killed a numerous amount of SA leaders, monarchists, and other opponents. The SA was almost demolished after that, so Adolf became known as the master of Germany. And on August 2, 1934, when Hindenburg died Adolf took the position as the head of Germany. Between 1935 and 1938 Adolf consolidated his dictatorship. In November of 1937 Adolf revealed his war plans to his ministers, when they refused he released Schacht and the head people in the army and the foreign ministry. By doing that he could know go to war like he wanted. In March 1938, Adolf took possession over Austria and the Sudetenland. The German set borderlines of Czechoslovakia in October. At a conference in Munich Adolf won the Sudetenland employment from Britain, France, and Italy. In March of 1939 Adolf threatened Poland, so Britain and France deserted their conciliation policy and they also guaranteed Poland?s honesty. Adolf was not impressed, so he sustained his preparations by signing a no violence pact with Russia on August 23, 1939. On September 1, he jumped out and attacked Poland, well Britain and France didn?t like that so they surprised Adolf by announcing war.

After Adolf dominated Poland he moved his forces in to Poland and convinced his generals to strengthen their effort in the war. In April of 1940, Adolf sent German troops into dominate Norway and Demark, and then in May and June he sent them into Netherlands, Belgium, and France. On June 22, 1940, Adolf full filled with triumph required France to sign a peace agreement at Compiegne. Adolf was at his highest point in his career, and he also proved himself to be a true superior military commander. Britain?s strength of mind and the pending conflict with Russia made Adolf continue to go on. After he lost to Britain through a heavy bombing assault on the British Isles and an unpleasant ground attack against the British troops in North Africa, Adolf turned to the east full power. So on June 22, 1941, Adolf launched a surprise attack on the Soviet Union. But before the German troops got to Moscow they were stopped by a severe winter storms and a Russian attack. It was around this time when Japan, which Germany had a no violence pact with, invaded Pearl Harbor, so Adolf declared war on the United States.

In 1942, Adolf was getting as many victories as he could get in the Ukraine and in North Africa, most of the time his judgment failed. So he extracted to his headquarters where he concentrated on the military affairs. With the German defeat at Stalingrad and the Allied recon quest of North Africa in 1934, the war was practically lost. But Adolf never gave up, he demanded that the total recruitment of the economy and tried to put Mussolini?s government back together in northern Italy after it broke up in July of 1943.

On July 20, 1944 Col. Claus von Stauffenburg tried to kill Adolf but his effort failed. On June 6, 1944, the Allies attack France, later the Russians broke through the east, which forced Adolf to move his hide out to Berlin. Now Adolf is showing great signings of physical and mental breakdown, it was worsened when Adolf became sick and then, his doctor didn?t treat it properly. With the Allies coming across the Rhine river and the Russians closing in on Berlin, Adolf wanted to commit suicide, but he also wanted Germany to follow suit. As his enemies were closing in on him he decided that he would kill himself. So on April 30, 1945 in his bunker in Berlin Adolf and Eva Braun (they married a short time before) they both committed suicide.

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