Adam And Eve


Adam And Eve Essay, Research Paper

Lee Daville

English IV

A Summary of ?The Diaries of Adam and Eve?

This play takes place in a beautiful, mysterious garden. Two characters make up

this play, Adam and Eve. These two characters are totally unaware of their surroundings,

neither one of them knows who the other one is. They know that it is their job to name

everything they see. The only way they share their feelings is through their diaries. The

play is brought forth through the writings in their diaries. We learn that Eve is very full

of herself. She thinks that she knows everything. She will not even listen to what Adam

has to say. She persist on naming everything in the garden, and eating all of the fruit.

Adam swears she will eat all the fruit, and they will have nothing left to eat. Adam feels

that Eve is a pest. She is like his shadow following him around and bothering him. He

would rather sit by himself and enjoy all the beautiful surroundings without sharing them

without her. Adam is more of the conservative type. He feels that he has no say so with

anything. He says that Eve has to have her way. In the first act, the two characters are

constantly arguing. They disagree because they both think they are right. Adam gets very

aggravated with Eve because she names all the animals and sights in the garden without

asking him. He says she names them because they look like it would be named that. Eve

longs to have the most knowledge of all. She tells Adam they can gain that knowledge

by eating the apple from the forbidden tree. The serpent has informed her of this fact.

Adam warns Eve that she must not eat the apple, or God will punish them. Eve eats the

apple despite Adam?s warning. This ends the first act.

In the second act, the attitude toward each other changes. Adam still blames Eve

for getting kicked out of the garden, but he learns to love her. Eve also learns to love

Adam for all his faults. She learns that even though he is not perfect, she loves him. Eve

has a baby. Adam does not know what this creature can be. He thinks, at first, the

creature is a fish. He does not understand why Eve is taking such good care of a fish. He

disproves this theory and decides that the creature is a bear because it has hair. Now the

creature cries and makes all kinds of noises, and Eve spends all of her time with this

creature. Then the unexpected happens, and another creature appears. Adam cannot

understand where Eve finds these creatures. He has searched all over the forest and has

not found any trace of this creature. Through all of this time, Eve says she loves Adam

despite his ignorance. Time passes on, Adam discoveries that these creatures are babies.

Adam and Eve have many other children together. They are living happily together.

More time passes on, and Eve is the first to die. Adam learns through all of his hardships

that it was better living outside the garden with her than inside the garden without her.

The play ends with Adam visiting Eve?s grave, laying down a red rose.

In my opinion, I wish the characters would have talked to each other more.

Despite the fact that this was a two character play, I think it was pretty good. It gave me

a better understanding of the story of Adam and Eve.

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