A Royal Life And A Peasants Life


A Royal Life, And A Peasants Life Essay, Research Paper


LAUREN: Good after noon, I am lady Lauren and this is Lady Jadie.

JADIE: ‘Ello

LAUREN: We are ladies of the royal court of beef-a-lot, and we do anything we like with our time. Being pampered royalty is so much fun. And we have our father king Edward to take care of the political matters, so we can spend our lives in bliss.

JADIE: I personally enjoy painting, horseback riding and learning, especially languages. This whole “rebirth” movement is very intriguing. It all started back about 1500 or so, with people, for one reason or another beginning to learn and care about what happened to them. They realized that they controlled their own destiny.

LAUREN: I feel the same, with all the new inventions, it possible to learn at an amazing rate. Moveable type printing presses, Indoor chamber pots, new dyes to make everything around very pretty. This is a very enjoyable time for me.

JADIE: Yes, Yes, how true. Especially the pretty things. Our dresses are brightly colored and extremely detailed, as that was the movement in fashion of our time. These things are very expensive and only royalty such as ourselves can afford such a luxury.

LAUREN: Say, do you know what’s for dinner tonight?

JADIE: Silly girl! Its what we have every night in the castle Ingvey, Everything! A feast of huge proportions. Bread, cheese, meat, fish, vegetables? all made fresh by the peasants this morning. Yes, what a glorious time to live.

LAUREN: And you people (looking at the class) would you care to join us in our feast?


BEEF: This is what most of the people in the renaissance lived like, poor in spirit and in health. I am a day laborer, as is my friend Sonic. We awake at dawn and work in the fields till dusk. We return home to our wives and many children. Tonight is a special night for me, as I get to dine on meat, which is rare in my life? but then again so is bathing. (smile) Typically we eat vegetables which our wives have grown in the meager gardens behind our houses. My personal favorite is carrots, I like carrots. (smile again) What about you?

SONIC: Broccoli.

BEEF: We are dressed in large, baggy pants, made out of cotton. Our shirts are of linen, and are large enough to keep us warm during those cold winter nights. The large baggy pants serve the same purpose, to keep us warm. We don’t have enough money to buy the brightly colored clothes that our Queen, Lady Lauren has. But they do keep us warm, and so does our housing. My house is made from wood! I am lucky that I don’t have to live in one of those mud huts built into the ground.

SONIC: (coughing) dear me beef! I believe I may be catching a bit of the plague.

BEEF: Certainly hope not, we need you in the fields. See what I mean, being a peasant even in the renaissance is far from glamourous. Our health wasn’t very good at all, we didn’t know that bathing was good for us? but we do take a bath every year whether we need it or not.

SONIC: (rolling eyes) well I hear my wench of a wife calling me again, guess she needs at home. See you tommorow in the fields.

BEEF: Well, see you there.

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