A Man For All Seasons


A Man For All Seasons Essay, Research Paper

I believe Mr. Lobell assigned this movie/book to show us how

early government operated, as with the ruling of King Henry VIII. And to open our

minds to how questionable and twisted our government really possibly is. As well

as how far the government will go to control almost our every move, and beliefs.

An example from the movie would be how all of the people’s thoughts

and minds had been sculpted into what the British realm had led them to believe. The

thoughts and opinions of the people were no longer their own, but that of King Henry

VIII, and the British management. They had even gotten the people to try and bribe

Sir Thomas More, just so that they could convict him of so called wrong doing, in

which none of it was true.

I also came to the conclusion that Mr. Lobell wanted us to notice

how early British government reflects that of our government today. As with the

moral and religious beliefs between the government and the people. The conflict

between King Henry VIII and Sir Thomas More is an example of those principles.

Basically I think we were suppose to recognize the debates about the details between

the church and the world.

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