A Large Collection


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A Large Collection

Today, many people have become attached to popular music, because it can easily stimulate their curiosity. In addition, many people buy popular music because it is popular not because it has artistic value. However, in my music compact disc collection, I have mostly underground music that many people do not know about or like, such as heavy metal and jazz. I also have discovered my tastes in music have changed as I have grown older. Thus, I can arrange my music collection according to how old I was when I purchased the compact discs: my adolescence, during the age of nineteen to twenty-four, and twenty-five years old to the present.

The first category of my music collection is the first music that I bought; I found that it quickly became an important part of my life during my adolescence. I bought my first compact disc when I was fourteen. At that time, I felt that I lived in a time of storm and stress. When I was a high school student, my mind and soul were in confusion, and I did not know why. I knew that the majority of people went through that kind of problem during that time, and I found it easy to depend on music that I really loved. In music, I could find my own pleasure and take a rest in great sounds. I used to buy and listen to rock and roll music performed by Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. I bought many of my compact discs because one of my classmates recommended them. Rock and roll quickly became a very important part of my life. Many of my friends and even my parents did not like rock and roll because of its cultural differences between Korean music and American music. I think that rock and roll comes from America, so Koreans have a tendency to keep away from it. For this reason, rock and roll is called underground music in Korea. Underground music is a type of music that is not mainstream music in Korea. Even though I could not communicate with some of my friends because of different tastes in music, I was becoming intoxicated with rock and roll.

The second category of my music collection started when I was the age of nineteen to twenty-four. It was a period when I was really serious. I started to listen to heavy metal and fell in love with the music more and more and bought many music compact discs. The more I loved music, the more my taste in music leaned toward heavy metal. I thought that it was related to rock and roll music because heavy metal contains a strong beat and rhythm like rock and roll. I was infatuated with all kinds of heavy metal, and my collection was full of heavy metal compact discs. At that time I had about one hundred and fifty music compact discs. In fact, heavy metal music made me philosophical and sophisticated and left a great memory. I did not care that I was becoming isolated from my friends because I only listened to music and did not even know what was going on around me. In short, I was crazy.

Finally, I have lived with music for a long time, and my tastes in music were centered on heavy metal. In addition, I thought I could not live without heavy metal music. However, I changed my mind when I was twenty-five years old because other music styles had beautiful sounds too. Besides, I just realized that I could not head bang with heavy metal as I grew order. So, I bought new styles of music, which included jazz, pop music and classical. One of my new styles in music was a music type of easy listening, and I tried to find out popular music. After listening to them, I became a more outgoing person because my taste in music was closer to other people s tastes. I felt that I was becoming a .sunshiny person x because of the music. That is why now I am trying to listen to various musical styles. Now, I enjoy listening to all types of music, and artistic value is not important for me anymore.

It is no exaggeration to say that music is a part of my life and that my life was once led by music. As I have grown older, music has had a wonderful effect on my emotion and behavior, and it has made me reminiscent about the beautiful past. Today, my tastes in music can fit to all kinds of music, and my tastes toward music are always moving up and down instead of my head.

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