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Though there are many different characters in the novel To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee, there is only one who deserves to be given a special honor for his values and morals. Even though some people have bad streaks, Atticus is surely one of those people who has few, if any. His reactions are fair and his judgments are equal. In life it is easier to be a con artist and lie, but Atticus turns that around and shows that some people can be equally right and earn the trust of men of all race. From the way he treats his children to his defense of Tom Robinson, Atticus is by far the strongest character of all in To Kill A Mocking Bird. Without the way he treated his children, Jem and Scout undoubtedly would have grown up in a much different style. Atticus treated them fairly and made sure to never help one more then the other. His equality of both children gave them a realistic look at the world and how reality is, which is unlike many parents, who tell or show their children about a wonderful world that probably doesn t exist. Jem and I found our father satisfactory: he played with us, read to us, and treated us with courteous detachment (6). The only reason Atticus did this was to probably keep them at a distance where he could love them, but not get to attached. Almost all parents love their children and Atticus did too, but just in another way. Atticus took care or Jem and Scout, but did not shower them with gifts. He explained the world in a way that adults talk to each other; not how adults talk to kids, therefore giving his children the bigger, yet sad view of the world. Many people have tiny little flaws that nobody sees, but they are in each person. Other people hate those tiny little flaws, but Atticus views them as each person s individuality. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view (30). Even though someone thinks they know someone, they never really know a person until they see things from their viewpoint. If a person is crying, one person may see it as a way of expressing love while another sees it as loneliness or sadness. It all depends on a person s viewpoint, but until that person ask them what is really wrong, or right: they will never know. A person may never know what s fully wrong, the crying man or woman may just lie to keep it a secret. -Until you climb into his skin and walk around in it (30). Unlike many people, Atticus really did try to, climb into his skin and walk around in it so as to get the real feeling of a person, such as in Mrs. Dubose. Atticus knew the real reason as to why she was so ill mannered and uncordial. He knew what her real problem was, coming off of a drug addiction. While trying to tell Jem and Scout to disregard what she says, he tells them her problem. Jem, she s old and ill. You can t hold her responsible for what she says and does (105), therefore, giving a new introspect on what s really wrong with Mrs. Dubose. Many other people would just pass by and think she is just a regular old senile woman who was talking to a lamppost or her imaginary dog/cat. Atticus on the other hand got to the bottom of things and found out the truth.

In the history of mankind there has always been a biased view of African American, Mexican, and Asian people. People see them as a bad crowd who terrorize and hurt or pillage. African Americans are the gang leaders of the world. Asians steal and Mexicans are dirty. Atticus was the only man in Maycomb willing to defend Tom Robinson. Even though Atticus knew Tom would be incriminated no matter what, he knew if he did not fortify Tom, no one would and Tom would be killed without a trial. When Mrs. Dubose bellows out at Jem and Scout, Your father is no better than he niggers and trash he works for! (102), Atticus just takes it and tells his children to just let everything be. Atticus believed that even though he was fighting a case that held his dignity on a thin line he still had to fight for Tom. If I didn t, I couldn t hold up my head in town, I couldn t represent this country in the legislature. I couldn t even tell you or Jem not to do something again (75). However, this is where Atticus one flaw comes into part. He does not believe women should be on the jury because they ask to many questions and do not understand certain parts. Even though he is almost always impartial in every way, Atticus still has one little blemish, though that certainly is covered up by all of his strong morals. Indeed, Atticus is a strong character who inspires much wisdom into his children, who will most likely pass it on to their children, but his values and strong beliefs put together, almost makes up the perfect man. With wisdom, values and morals Atticus makes up what the entire Nation of America should be, yet that is not true. America is full of con artist who will never even lift their eyes upon someone who they feel is inferior to them. Subsequently giving America the bad names that it has, but those who do try to be more like Atticus give America a better name and make it all the better. No one man can change the world by himself, but he can change others. As those others change and grow to be more and more like the last nice guy therefore causing the world to become a better place. Maybe one day the world can be just like a place out a book, or a person like Atticus.

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