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Diversity of America has been affiliated by assimilation. This type of endeavor has been uniting the American people for many decades. Due to the general will of society, the common bond of being an American unites the cultural divergences. Although many cultures exist in society, the formation of a mutual purpose is shared. Many influences have contributed to the willingness to be part of the common culture shared by citizens of the United States. People want to be a part of the American culture. This culture may not be the oldest the culture in the world but has been one of the fastest growing accepted societies.The American culture captures the essence of discovery. The United States was founded by expeditions and this in turn gives the land a sense of mystery. The mystery remains today as the guiding light to the people to be a part of. The variety of cultures was brought into existence by the enigma from different aspects of the world. These aspects remain a crucial part in the development of American today. From the institutions set up by the variety of nationalities, the United States thus forms a common culture: the culture of diversity.Being a component of such a varied culture, America has found many ways to become united. Individuals learn to view themselves as being one with other racial groups. This type of assimilation has progressed throughout the years. Schools have taught individuals to not be a separatist or racist, unless the school with minute possibility teaches otherwise. These concepts were learned to be able get along with other people that are not of the same background. Usually education of these forms has fortunately been able to provide the students with a better view of society. In public schools in many parts of the world, students are able to be around other cultures which prepares them for the real world. Interaction with other ethnic groups proves to be beneficial to wipe away ignorance and a chance for America to be united by a common culture.American customs have continued to influence many families. Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., have been celebrated throughout society. These holidays were brought forth due to American conventions. People celebrating these events are uniting citizens by common culture. These holidays may not be celebrated by everybody in United States but are known to everybody who lives in this country. It is the mere fact that Americans can actually, during these holidays, appreciate what their ancestors have done to create a free society for the people of the world.Society’s melting pot creates a homogeneous mixture of the variance of cultures in the world. Everybody is combined to form one culture, which is that of the United States. The melting pot forms a state where different people from different parts of their ethic background come together to share a common goal to be united. People of every creed are part of everyday life and it would be pointless to be ignorant of someone different. This melting pot of society brings together everybody in society so that it is known that under all the different customs and colors, everyone is virtually the same.

As Americans strive to establish an infallible union between everybody in the world. The United States would be a better place. With the willingness to be one with everyone, it would give the citizens strengths against any other country that is separated by culture clashes. These culture clashes have been the epitome of corrupt circumstances. They have brought on war and other effects that were unpleasant.If Americans were to think of themselves as distinct members of a particular ethic group then it would prove to destroy the community. Such members go as far as to become extremists. The KKK is an example of a popular extremist group that has devastated society. Taking their beliefs to the ultimate limit, they will not accept anybody else but themselves. If such groups dominated society, there would be a constant war between the different ethnic backgrounds. Although these extremists and separatist group still exist in today’s society, their actions are less alarming than before. Their unawareness for other cultures has left them suppressed and ignorant but also left the extremists groups as the factor that handicaps America to be more unified. These groups are not as strong as the American culture because they stand alone without the support of other ethnic groups. The American society gains its power due to the aid of the variety of ethnic background.Politicians have tried numerous attempts to satisfy all racial backgrounds. Their attempts to solidify the union are futile. Whether their constant pursuits to help out the minorities are effective or not, during the politician’s term, it cannot be expected for the politician to change the world. Affirmative action was brought in to try to increase the cultural diversity within each college or university but has left the more qualified students out in the cold. The politicians put much effort into providing Americans with a better society to live in but many attempts are fruitless. In order to be reelected, politicians, whether they like it or not, has to debate on issues that would benefit everybody in the voting society. Their issues usually deal with creating a common standing between all cultures.May issues surround the unity of America. Without such a sense of togetherness, the country would be divided and thus be a much weaker province than it is. The combination of the different ethnic or racial background is what makes America strong. This association of the melange of cultures that constitutes the society is the strength of the United States. These cultures joined together bring the common culture that surrounds us today.Americans should be able to view themselves as being part of a common society. If they live in the United States and deal with matters concerning the United States, they are Americans. This in turn creates the new American culture. It does not matter if one family belongs to different religion or ethnic background. Everyone living in the United States share a common purpose, to live in freedom and thus recognizing the common culture shared by the citizens of the New World.

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