A Childhood Experience


A Childhood Experience Essay, Research Paper

My aunt had remarried a man named Herbert Rawls our as I called him Uncle Butch. He was a very nice man and he treated my aunt and her son with respect. I respected him with all my heart and soul because I saw a man who worked two jobs to support my aunt and her son. He did a lot for my little cousin and he treated him like he was his own child. My Uncle did not just stop there but he also treated my siblings and I like we were his children, you could tell that he loved us and cared a lot about what happen to us. I had never seen a man step up to so much responsibility and do so well with it. I believe that is why I loved and adored him so much.

My Uncle Butch use to take us out to places and have a good time with us. I remember him cooking for my brother and sister and I when our parents had gone to Chicago and we stayed with my aunt and uncle. He took my siblings and I out all the time. My uncle was very protective of us; I could remember the time when he would let people know not to bother us.

On Saturday’s he would my cousin, his son, my siblings, and I to a baseball games and after that he would bring us to the park. He would bring us to eat wherever we wanted which was usually McDonalds. It really didn’t matter because it was my uncle and no matter where he took us.

I think I even respected him more because my brother had disciplinary problems and he rebelled against my parent all the time. My uncle would take my brother and do things with him one on one to try and get him out the habit of acting up. My uncles talked to him and work with him and his behavior and it worked. I loved my uncle because he did so much and really didn’t have too.

I can remember a time when was in the hospital and my dad had to work and from work go to the hospital. My uncle would try to ease our minds off and take us to like the discovery zone and we had a good time and then he would reassure is that everything would be okay. My mom cam home and he helped in everyway possible and did not complain. These are the good memories that I have of my uncle because he died and this had changed my life forever.

I can remember this day like it was yesterday. My uncle and aunt was driving down to North Carolina to go and look at houses because they had plan to move. On the way down there my uncle had a massive heart attack. My aunt called my mom at about five in the morning hysterical. He was not dead yet but, he was in critical condition. Later, on that day at about nine in the morning he was pronounced dead. I was devastated my favorite uncle had died and he was young. I didn’t eat for days I really wasn’t hungry. My uncle who I loved and respected was gone out of my life.

I feel into a depression and my grades and personality showed it. I asked myself why him of all people he was one of the good ones. He treated our family so well and I highly respected him. I think this experience taught me not to take people for granted because they are here one minute and gone the next.

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