British Monarchy and its influence upon governmental institutions The United kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland. Kings and Queens of England. The Queen s role. Queen and Commonwealth. Members of the Royal Family. The Royal Collection. The Queen s Gallery Buckingham Palace.
Modal verbs Can may We can compare may and can. Must. Must and May compared. To have to. To be to. Must to have to and to be to compared. Ought to. Shall and should. Must Should and ought to compared. Should Perfect infinitive.
Multiple Intelligences in the structure of a new English syllabus for secondary school Present day issues of foreign language teaching at secondary school. Current concepts in secondary school graduates EFL. Psychological analysis of Gardner s Theory. Learning environment in teaching English conversation.
The Profile of Effective Manager The manager. Manager s job. Critical skills related to managerial competence. The main characteristics of the effective manager. Decision Making Skills. Conflict Management Skills. Flexibility and Creativity.
U S Soviet relations The Historical Background of Cold War. The Historical Context. Causes and Interpretations. The Cold War Chronology. The War Years. The Truman Doctrine. The Marshall Plan. The Role of Cold War in American History and Diplomacy.
Nouns 2 Definition. Categories of Nouns. Forms of Nouns. Assaying for Noun. Collective Nouns Company Names Family Names Sports Teams. Plural noun forms. Plural compound nouns. Special cases. Plurals and apostrophes.
Linguistic Аspects of Black English The Origin of Black English. Development of Pidgin and Creole. Differences of Black English and Standard English British English and British Black English. African American Vernacular English and its use in teaching process.
Daniel Defoe and His Novel Robinson Crusoe Some words about Daniel Defoe s literary activity. Daniel Defoe and his Robinson Crusoe Some words about translation of the novel. Robinson Crusoe and his character. Some words about translation of the novel.
English idioms and their Russian equivalents The Importance of Achieving of Semantic and Stylistic Identity of Translating Idioms. Classification of Idioms. The Development of Students Language Awareness on the Base of Using Idioms in Classes. Focus on speech and idiomatic language in classes.
Homonyms in English and their specific features An analysis of homonyms is in Modern English. Lexical grammatical and lexico grammatical distinctions of homonyms in a language. Modern methods of research of homonyms. Practical approach is in the study of homonyms.
Listening and memory training in translation Memory Teaching and his types. Why we need teaching of memory. Short term and protracted memory oppositions and coincidences. Short term memory and methods of his improvement. Listening of methods is in translation.
Mark Twain s Satire Early life of Mark Twain. Literary career Twain s first successful experiences. Marriage and wife s influence on Mark Twain s literary works. The Guilded Age as the first significant work.
W Shakespear s Midsummer Night s Dream Critical estimation of the play. Compositional Structure of the play and its scene by scene analysis. The idea and composition of the play. The introductory significance of the first act. Depicting of opposition and controversy of humans standing.
Structural and semantic Characteristics of Nouns Features of English Nouns. The Category of Case. The Category of Number of English Nouns. Structural Semantic Characteristics of English morphological syntactical Characteristics of Nouns. The Use of Articles with Nouns in Some Set Expsessions.
Romeo and Juliet immortal tragedy of W S Critical overview on the play. Peculiarities of significant scenes. Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare and their main characters. Character relationship of Romeo and Juliet with Mercutio and Nurse. The language of the play.
Synonyms an Their Translation Kinds of synonyms and their specific features. Distributional features of the English synonyms. Changeability and substitution of meanings. Semantic and functional relationship in synonyms. Interchangeable character of words and their synonymy.
Syntax and semantics of verbals in English Grammatical overview of English verbals. General characteristics of English verbals. General characteristics of Participles. Syntax and Semantics of English Verbals. The functions of the Infinitive in the sentence.
Types of Shortenings and Their Function in Modern English Shortening of spoken words. Graphical abbreviations and acronyms. Abbreviations as the major type of shortenings. Secondary ways of shortening sound interchange and sound imitating. Blendening of words.
Ways of teaching foreign languages Comparing instructed and natural settings for language learning. Natural and instructional settings. Five principles for classroom teaching. The principle getting right from the beginning. The principle of saying what you mean and meaning what you say.
Women images in Shakespeare s comedies The Genius some words on Shakespeare s biography. The Comedy of Errors. Introducing words to Shakespeare s Comedy. The Taming of the Shrew the first feminine comedy. The Two Gentlemen of Verona based on Feminine Work.
Stylistic potential of tense aspect verbal forms in modern English The background of the research of stylistic potential of tense aspect verbal forms. The analysis of stylistic potential of tense aspect verbal forms in modern English. Methodological recommendations for teaching of tense aspect verbal forms in English has sung Progressive aspect conversations of duration is singing well.
Affixation in modern english Word building as one of the main ways of enriching vocabulary and the affixation is one of the most productive ways. Studying of affixation which play important role in word formation classifying of affixes according to its structure and semantics.
Artistic peculiarities of short stories by E A Poe National Beginning in American literature and Edgar Poe as one of its beginners. Characteristics of his short stories. Edgar Poe is the creator of wonderful satirical grotesque in which he laughed at unchangeable and impatient for him human defects.
Ben Jonson and his Comedies Ben Johnson is the English poet and dramatist theorist of drama one of the most well educated people of the time. Kick up success of his comedies. In the works an author ridiculed an aristocracy. Ben Johnson is single in literature of the epoch.
Communication The Exchange of Information The nature of speaking and oral interaction. Communicative approach and language teaching. Types of communicative exercises and approaches. Games as a way at breaking the routine of classroom drill. Some Practical Techniques for Language Teaching.
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