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The category of Mood Mood as the grammatical category of the verb problems as the number of moods their classification. The analysis of the grammatical categories of the indicative mood system. The difference between the lexical and the grammatical expression of time.
Noun and its grammatical categories The problems as definition of nouns main features of English nouns their grammatical categories. Semantical characteristics of nouns and the category of number of english nouns. The lexicon grammatical meaning of a class or of a subclass of words.
Structure of sentence The problems as the types of sentences in English their construction parts of the sentence. Structure of sentence parts of the sentence. The development of transform grammar and tagmemic grammar. Semi notional words connecting two words or clauses.
Types of sentences The notion of sentence and novels formulated as sentences. The problem of classification of sentences the principles of classification five points of difference. Types of sentences according to types of communication.
Independent work of students on practical employments Strategies for managing students independent work. Choosing work according to the curriculum. Obtaining student commitment to independent work. Choosing learning materials for the independent learner. Using internet for self independent learning.
Austria and tourism Modern Austria and its monarchy the military and political weakness of the empire. The tourism industry as a major part of the Austrian economy the organizational structure economic significance trends in tourism and the tourism labour market.
Canada and tourism Canada and its neighboring countries. Canada as a country with developed tourism industry. Primary modes of transportation in Canada hotel services restaurants main sectors within the catering industry tourism industry and domestic tourism demand.
The history of Germany and tourism The Helmut Kohl era as one of the most dramatic periods in the history of Germany. The Germany s territory culture population economics government money communications and education. Tourism in Germany by car by bus by train air travel.
Sports in Britain Sports in Britain athletics football rugby cricket tennis golf polo hunting riding hockey bowls motorsport billiards snooker mountaineering swimming greyhound and horse racing. Walking and fishing as the most popular sports for people.
Stylistic Classification of the English Vocabulary General considerations of stylistic classification of the English vocabulary. Neutral common literary and common colloquial vocabulary special literary vocabulary colloquial vocabulary poetic highly literary words archaic obsolescent and obsolete.
Stylistic Features of Charles Dickens s works Charles Dickens and his autobiography. Charles Dickens as the most popular and productive novelist combined social Critism with comedy and sentiment creating a tone that the world identifies as Victorian lake chancer and Shakespeare before him.
Teaching sentence structure The best works of foreign linguists as Henry I Christ Francis B. Connors and other grammarians. Introducing some of the newest and most challenging concepts of modern grammar. The theoretical signifies are in comparison with Russian and Uzbek languages.
The place of Macbeth among Shakespeare s tragedies Macbeth in Shakespeare s activity. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth s characters. Wishes for further improvement for understanding Shakespeare s text. Reproducing with the Uzbek translators Sadulla Akhmad and Jamol Kamol Macbeth s and Lady Macbeth s characters.
The system of English verbs The area of the finite verb including particular questions tense aspect and modal auxiliary usage. The categories of verb morphology time possibility hypothesis desirability verb agreement. American sign language and the category of voice.
Theodore Dreiser s novel An American tragedy The notes on Theodore Dreiser s literary activity. The history of the creation of the story An American tragedy and its place in Theodore Dreiser works. Clyde Griffith s character and its reflection as a typical character of capitalist society.
French Borrowings in the Modern English Language The oldest words borrowed from French. Unique domination of widespread languages in a certain epoch. French English bilinguism. English is now the most widespread of the word s languages. The French Language in England.
Theodore Dreiser s novel An American tragedy 2 The notes on Theodore Dreiser s literary activity. The history of the creation of the story An American tragedy and its place in Theodore Dreiser works. Clyde Griffith s character and its reflection as a typical character of capitalist society.
Great Britain Geographical location state organization and population of England. Its remarkable sights and ancient monuments. King Henry VIII and British history religion. Newspapers Radio tv in Great Britain British Broadcasting Corporation pop and rock music.
Walt Whitman Philosophical basics of his work The features of Walt Whitman s style studying his literary techniques such as alliteration anaphora free verse conducting a detailed analysis of philosophical basics of his works. His discussion of the war poems the tragedy of the Civil War.
Письменный перевод с английского языка на русский язык Статья America drops Asia shops описание наступления подходящего момента для спада в американской экономике. Разработка плана обустройства береговой линии.
The problems of the Subjunctive Mood in English The usage of the Subjunctive Mood in speech in the works of foreign and Russian grammar schools. Comparing different approaches to the problem of the Subjunctive Mood with the purpose of investigating the material from English and Russian sources.
British slang and its classification Definition of concept of slangy language. Consideration of the reasons of occurrence history of an origin phonetic peculiarities morphological characteristics and types of slang from the Internet of army police money cockeney rhyming polary Phonetic peculiarities of slang III.
The Science Of Grammar Grammar is the art of writing and speaking correctly. Grammar bears to language. The composition of language. The term grammar language is an attribute of reason and differs essentially not only from all brute voices but even from all the chattering.
Changes and specimens of the English language Consideration on concrete examples of features of gramatical additions of the offer during various times beginning from centuries and going deep into historical sources of origin of English language the Anglo Saxon period of King Alfred board In the use of language every one chooses his words from that common stock which he has learned and applies them.
The origin of language Some facts about origin of language. Literature is important because it is subservient to all objects even those of the very highest concern. Religion morality liberty and government fame and happiness are alike interested in the cause of letters.
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