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Bruce Willis plays James Cole, an inmate in the year 2035, almost the whole population of the earth has died from a virus released in 1997, the survivors have fled the surface of the earth, seeking refuge from the virus. Scientists in the movie?s present (2035) have traced the release of the virus to a radical animal rights groop called the Army of the Twelve Monkeys. Back in 2035 James Cole is ?volunteered? to go back to 1996 and obtain the virus in its pure form so a cure can be made in 2035. That was the idea anyway the scientists screw-up and send Cole to 1990. W hen he gets to 1990 he is dissorented and starts talking about how hes from the future and how the human race is going to be waped-out by a virus in 1996. Needless to say he gets himself thrown straight in the loony bin. This is where Cole meets Maniac Jeffery Goines (Brad Pitt), who?s Father is a virologist,(Dr. Gonies) and psychiatrist Kathryn Railly (Madeleine Stowe). At first Goines seems like just another wacko but soon his involvement with the Army of the Twelve Monkeys becomes apparent. Railly, as a psychiatist, calmly dismisses Cole?s stories as dilusion, only to find that all the things that Cole had Foretold were comming true.Goines snags a key from one of the gaurds at the asylum and gives it to Cole so he can excape, but the heavly sedated Cole is caught and locked in a cell, at that time he is transported back to 2035 where he is greeted by very unhappy scientists. The scientists decide to give Cole another chance they promis to send him to the right time, Cole gets in the time machine and, Poof! Cole is naked in the french trenches of world war 1. Cole sees his cell-mate jose from 2035 being carried by on a strecher, he reaches out for his hand just as a photographer takes a picture, then he gets shot in the leg. The next scene is Railly giving a lecture on ?apoctalipic visions? after the lecture Cole kiddnaps Railly as she is getting into her car and forces her to drive him to Phili to find the Army of the Twelve Mokeys. In phili he finds the Armys headquarters and gets Goines address and pays him a visit, Goines tries to make Cole believ that it was his idea to spread the virus. Cole goes back to 2035 agian and is granted a full pardon but he covinces the scientists that his mission isn?t over so they send him back to 1996 where he meets up with Railly agian. The Army of the Twelve Monkeys (led by Goines) releases all the animals in the philidelpha zoo, so Cole belives they arn?t responsible for the virus. Because Cole is on the run and Railly has started to believe in his mission they decide to go to Florida to hide out. While they are in the Airport Railly sees one of Dr. Goine?s assistants that has access to the deadly viruses in Dr. Goines lab, Railly knows this and thinks that he might be the one that is responsiblefor spreding the virus. Railly finds Cole and tells him about Dr. Goines assistint being in the airport. As Dr. Goines assistint is going through the sucurity check the gaurd asks him to open his bag, iside are the viles full of the Virus. At that time Cole and Railly spot Dr .Goines assistant, just as the police spot Cole, as Cole tries to shoot Dr. Goines assistant the police shoot Cole. James cole as a child in 1996 is in the same airport that day with his Parents, and he unknowingly sees himself getb shot in the future.



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