10 Business Opportunities


10 Business Opportunities Essay, Research Paper

10 Possible Business Opportunities

1. Graveyard for the elite in Defense Phase 8

2. CNG Gas station in Hyderabad (with installation of kit facility) and on Super highway

3. “The Big Bag” business

4. Fax Multiple people at as low as 90%* of the actual cost of 1 fax. (* US and Canada)

5. Fisheries Facilities to facilitate exporters of fish

6. Website to order gifts, flowers, cakes etc from anywhere in the world to Pakistan.

7. Free 5 mins phone calls within city supported via advertisements.

8. Distribution on portable MP3 players.

9. Cinema that airs Live cricket on 70MM screen.

10. Service to Organize events from grass root level to execution (dance parties, birthdays, conferences etc.)


Assignment # 3

to Mr. Tariq Kaleem

by Owais Jamali


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