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Zero Tolerance

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Zero Tolerance Essay, Research Paper

Zero Tolerance

To the best of my knowledge on the subject the zero tolerance rule is a very good rule, because there is no room for error on the part of the criminal justice systemand there is no room for a misleading excuse. So the zero tolerance policy is good. For example, say a person pulls a fire alarm just to get out of a class. The principal would suspend the student for 3 to 5 days and he/she would do 5 to 15 hrs. of Fire Prevention School for that crime , but now what if that person is a very good liar, they could mislead the principal not to suspend them by maybe calling it an accident. Now, the principal talks to the fire department and gets him out of the Fire Prevention School. So what kind of example is that setting? It says, a good liar can get away with anything . So in that case, Zero tolerance is very good. It sets an example, but on the other hand, the person who pulled the alarm by mistake gets suspended and 5-15 hrs of school. But there are always inocent peopleaffected by every law but still it does protect agenst misleading and decietful people. In my eyes the punishment fits the crime, no matter if the crime was a mistake. Another example could possible be made. For example if you hit a child on a bike, let s say he swerves torward you and you could nt stop and the child dies. Then you are charged with Involentary Manslaughter so some inocent people always get hurt. But now lets say the car hit the child on purpose then if the zero tolerance policy was not in effect he could claim it to be an accident and probably get off but since the zero tolerance policyis there, he will serve time no matter what.

But yet I also think even zero tolerance is too easy, the US. should bring back Capital Punishment because it makes you think before you commit a crime. In other countries, if you steal, they cut off your hand and that really send a message to all the criminals that We are not going to take it anymore. So the zero tolerance policy is very good step in the criminal justice war torward their major goal, which in my mind is capital punishment.

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