Why The Hell Is It Always Me

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Why The Hell Is It Always Me…….. Essay, Research Paper

i’m not happy oright..i feel sad..i wanna give up…i don’t know what si wrong with me …i can’t handle relationships…i don’t what i want..how i feel…i feel too much pressure…i don’t wanna see anyone, i don’t wanna anything..i need to get out of this fucked country…people are annoying me..i can’t stand their attitudes…why is it that i do wrong all the time..or feel like i do, why do i feel like i’m the enemy…why can’t i do anything right for once…why is nobody ever happy 4 me….why do i feel like i have no place..no home..my parents are always annoyed with me about something….i can’t ever do anything right for them..my sisters can never do anything wrong…..they want it they get it…they need it they will have it..why do i have to beg for it..work for it…scrimp for it…worry about will i have enough gas in the car..or will i have to ask mom/dad for the money…then they’ll have another excuse to get mad..why can’t anyone comprehend what i go through…and what do i have to take it…why do i be there for everyone..why do i always get shitted on…why the hell is it always me……..

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